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19th Annual Niagara-Orleans All-League Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Clifford Wise Junior High School (Medina, New York)
Saturday, February 16, 1985

Champions Again
Champions Again
The Roy-Hart High wrestlers have captured the Niagara-Orleans League championship for the second year in a row though the Rams had to share the title this time, with Akron. Roy-Hart, which will have eight wrestlers in this weekend's state qualifier meet, and Akron which has advanced six grapplers, posted identical 5-0-1 records in N-O competition. Coaches Joe Massaro, left, and Dick Lang, right, are shown here with their champion Rams following last weekend's All-League meet at Medina. Kneeling are Lou Rosselli, Nelson Colley and Don Quackenbush, while standing are Jim Johnson, Willies Cunningham, Ken Copella, Dave Lyndaker, Kent Schwab, Mark Baehr, Dan Huntington and Dave Edminster. SOURCE: Medina Journal-Register, Thursday, February 21, 1985.

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Champions Again In Control Top Grappler Rams Rule Repeat Winners

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Akron [NY], Albion [NY], Medina [NY], Newfane [NY], Royalton-Hartland [NY], Starpoint [NY], Wilson [NY]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Don Quackenbush (Royalton-Hartland [NY], 132 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
91 lbs: Lou Rosselli (Royalton-Hartland [NY]) > Joe Horn (Akron [NY]), FALL 1:13
98 lbs: Phil Attea (Akron [NY]) > Nelson Colley (Royalton-Hartland [NY]), DEC 4-3
105 lbs: Todd Spencer (Albion [NY]) > Tom Smith (Akron [NY]), DEC 14-11
112 lbs: Mike Conn (Albion [NY]) > Wes Askew (Medina [NY]), SD 13-1
119 lbs: Rawn Mitchell (Albion [NY]) > Jim Taber (Starpoint [NY]), MD 10-1
126 lbs: Jim Johnson (Royalton-Hartland [NY]) > Kevin Gfroerer (Starpoint [NY]), FALL 4:42
132 lbs: Don Quackenbush (Royalton-Hartland [NY]) > Shawn Regan (Akron [NY]), OTD 7-2 (1OT)
138 lbs: Ken Copella (Royalton-Hartland [NY]) > Larry Kopacz (Akron [NY]), FALL 3:11
145 lbs: Tony Lucas (Medina [NY]) > Leo Fournier (Wilson [NY]), DEC 6-4
155 lbs: Ron Fedkiw (Newfane [NY]) > Dave Edmister (Royalton-Hartland [NY]), FALL 2:47
167 lbs: Willie Cunningham (Royalton-Hartland [NY]) > Mike Regan (Akron [NY]), FALL 1:00
177 lbs: Randy Sanger (Akron [NY]) > Dan Huntington (Royalton-Hartland [NY]), DEC 7-3
215 lbs: Bob Stabler (Newfane [NY]) > Joe Rizzo (Medina [NY]), DEC 12-11
250 lbs: Frank Silvernail (Starpoint [NY]) > Ken Michalak (Akron [NY]), FALL 3:29
Consolation Final (3rd)
91 lbs: Scott Cantlon (Starpoint [NY]) > Joe Horn (Akron [NY]), FALL 1:13
98 lbs: Carl Wollaber (Wilson [NY]) > Brian Strasburger (Albion [NY]), FALL 4:50
105 lbs: Dave Marshall (Starpoint [NY]) > Dave Lyndaker (Royalton-Hartland [NY]), FALL 5:30
112 lbs: Tony Pulli (Wilson [NY]) > Joe Finley (Starpoint [NY]), DEC 8-6
119 lbs: Kevin Gay (Akron [NY]) > Scott Schickling (Medina [NY]), DEC 9-7
126 lbs: Ron Smith (Akron [NY]) > Joe Christopher (Albion [NY]), DEC 10-6
132 lbs: Eric Maerton (Starpoint [NY]) > Eric Freischlag (Wilson [NY]), MD 14-5
138 lbs: Chris Fuller (Royalton-Hartland [NY]) > Steve Hill (Starpoint [NY]), DEC 7-0
145 lbs: Chuck Yaeger (Akron [NY]) > Steve Brick (Newfane [NY]), FALL 4:56
155 lbs: Seth Darling (Akron [NY]) > Pat Christopher (Albion [NY]), FALL 2:49
167 lbs: Mike Sheeler (Starpoint [NY]) > E.J. Reese (Medina [NY]), DEC 4-0
177 lbs: Kevin Heideman (Medina [NY]) > Kevin Sargent (Starpoint [NY]), DEC 7-3
215 lbs: Craig Kelkenberg (Akron [NY]) > Jeff Harding (Albion [NY]), SD 16-4
250 lbs: Chuck Nesbitt (Albion [NY]) > Scott Poole (Newfane [NY]), FALL 3:36


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