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Hornell State Farm Insurance Classic

Wrestling Tournament
@ Hornell High School (Hornell, New York)
Saturday, January 12, 2013

In the 26 year history of the Hornell Classic, only this year has the Team Title come down to the final Match and Warsaw's 285 pounder Tom Finch delivers the Title for the Tigers with a pin...............Photo By Dale Parks....

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Champs MOW Senior MOW

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Arkport [NY], Batavia Notre Dame [NY], Bath Haverling [NY], Bolivar-Richburg [NY], Canisteo-Greenwood [NY], Dansville [NY], Fillmore [NY], Hammondsport [NY], Hornell [NY], Jasper-Troupsburg [NY], Keshequa [NY], Olean [NY], Pavilion [NY], Perry [NY], Warsaw [NY], Wellsville [NY]
Team Final
1. Warsaw [NY]  198.5 points
2. Bath Haverling [NY]  191
3. Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]  147.5
Perry [NY]  147.5
5. Fillmore [NY]  108
6. Olean [NY]  95
7. Dansville [NY]  69
8. Keshequa [NY]  67
9. Wellsville [NY]  65
10. Pavilion [NY]  61
11. Hornell [NY]  53.5
12. Bolivar-Richburg [NY]  43
13. Arkport [NY]  26
14. Hammondsport [NY]  12
15. Jasper-Troupsburg [NY]  9
16. Batavia Notre Dame [NY]  3
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Lower Weights): Gunner Maggio (Dansville [NY], 126 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Upper Weights): Zack Bacon (Hornell [NY], 220 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
99 lbs: Shane Pancio (Olean [NY]) > Zander Sharp (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), DEC 6-1
106 lbs: Mike Galton (Warsaw [NY]) > Suraj Patel (Bath Haverling [NY]), DEC 1-0
113 lbs: Corey Hollister (Perry [NY]) > R.J. Metz (Bath Haverling [NY]), DEC 5-0
120 lbs: John Topf (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Andrew Hollister (Perry [NY]), FALL 4:50
126 lbs: Gunner Maggio (Dansville [NY]) > Colin Royce (Warsaw [NY]), DEC 15-4
132 lbs: Jacob Sepor (Pavilion [NY]) > Christian Hollister (Perry [NY]), DEC 6-5
138 lbs: Cody Marriott (Fillmore [NY]) > Warren "Buddy" Oderkirk, Jr. (Pavilion [NY]), DEC 7-4
145 lbs: Austin Prince (Keshequa [NY]) > Mitchell Buckley (Bath Haverling [NY]), DEC 6-1
152 lbs: Spencer Kramell (Perry [NY]) > Ryan Hurlburt (Dansville [NY]), DEC 4-2
160 lbs: Tyler Vantreese (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Brandon Pollizi (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), FALL 5:35
170 lbs: Aaron Paddock (Warsaw [NY]) > Austin Baker (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), DFLT 5:30
182 lbs: Derrick Din (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Jacob Kramell (Perry [NY]), FALL 2:31
195 lbs: Dylan Royce (Warsaw [NY]) > Casey Buckley (Bath Haverling [NY]), DEC 7-0
220 lbs: Zack Bacon (Hornell [NY]) > Jacob Pomeroy (Fillmore [NY]), FALL 1:16
285 lbs: Tom Finch (Warsaw [NY]) > Wyatt Hall (Bath Haverling [NY]), FALL 4:30
Consolation Final (3rd)
99 lbs: Jordan Walker (Warsaw [NY]) > Tyler Racalto (Bath Haverling [NY]), NA 
106 lbs: Zach Flaitz (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Lance Todd (Keshequa [NY]), NA 
113 lbs: Josh Grisewood (Warsaw [NY]) > Tevrett Covedill (Fillmore [NY]), NA 
120 lbs: Michael Montesano (Fillmore [NY]) > Charles Bolan (Bolivar-Richburg [NY]), NA 
126 lbs: Jake Kramer (Hornell [NY]) > Devin Carr (Bolivar-Richburg [NY]), NA 
132 lbs: Nate Hosmer (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Connor McEvoy (Keshequa [NY]), NA 
138 lbs: Nick Hosmer (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Andy Graves (Dansville [NY]), NA 
145 lbs: Ryan Marriott (Fillmore [NY]) > Ty Flint (Warsaw [NY]), NA 
152 lbs: Andy Rodman (Olean [NY]) > Eric Foth (Wellsville [NY]), NA 
160 lbs: Cameron Miller (Bolivar-Richburg [NY]) > Craig Safford (Perry [NY]), NA 
170 lbs: Quentin Ellis (Olean [NY]) > Jason Fanton (Wellsville [NY]), NA 
182 lbs: Aaron Mann (Warsaw [NY]) > Dan Majchrzak (Pavilion [NY]), NA 
195 lbs: Schyler Kling (Wellsville [NY]) > Brad Painter (Olean [NY]), NA 
220 lbs: Anthony Force (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Peter Kramell (Perry [NY]), NA 
285 lbs: Dustin Provorse (Olean [NY]) > Cecil Morgan (Perry [NY]), NA 

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