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Red Dragon Invitational

Wrestling Tournament
@ Alumni Field House, SUNY Oneonta (Oneonta, New York)
Saturday, November 22, 2008

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Gettysburg College [PA], Johns Hopkins University [MD], Morrisville State College [NY], Niagara County Community College [NY], Rochester Institute of Technology [NY], SUNY Cortland [NY], SUNY Oneonta [NY], The College of New Jersey [NJ], University of Scranton [PA], University of Southern Maine [ME], Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]
Team Final
1. SUNY Cortland [NY]  157.5 points
2. The College of New Jersey [NJ]  128.5
3. SUNY Oneonta [NY]  99
4. University of Southern Maine [ME]  81.5
5. Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]  80.5
6. Johns Hopkins University [MD]  75.5
7. Niagara County Community College [NY]  69.5
8. Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]  67
9. Morrisville State College [NY]  49.5
10. Gettysburg College [PA]  49
11. University of Scranton [PA]  20
Award Winners
Aggregate Pin Award: Mike Gresh (Niagara County Community College [NY], 157 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Stephen Valastro (University of Southern Maine [ME], 141 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Mike McInally (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Jared Lemke (Niagara County Community College [NY]), DEC 6-1
133 lbs: Dave Colagiovanni (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Aljamain Sterling (SUNY Cortland [NY]), FFT 
141 lbs: Stephen Valastro (University of Southern Maine [ME]) > Luke Baum (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 4-3
149 lbs: Tyler Branham (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > John Barnett (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DEC 2-1
157 lbs: Dan Dicolo (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Joe Falco (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DEC 3-1
165 lbs: Michael Morin (University of Southern Maine [ME]) > Justin James (Niagara County Community College [NY]), DEC 4-3
174 lbs: Greg Osgoodby (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Mike Ciaburri (SUNY Cortland [NY]), FALL 1:29
184 lbs: Kris Stafford (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Corey Barber (SUNY Cortland [NY]), FFT 
197 lbs: Martino Scottile (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Tyler Schmidt (Johns Hopkins University [MD]), DEC 3-2
285 lbs: Matt Rugani (Johns Hopkins University [MD]) > Vincent Domestico (Johns Hopkins University [MD]), DEC 11-9
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Carl Anderson (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Brian Borst (SUNY Cortland [NY]), DEC 6-5
133 lbs: Richard Wingert (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Michael Testa (Johns Hopkins University [MD]), DEC 8-2
141 lbs: Anthony Rizzolo (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Bill Tenpenny (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DEC 5-2
149 lbs: Kevin Sackett (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Stephen Perez (SUNY Cortland [NY]), FFT 
157 lbs: Tyler Howe (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Jon Senese (SUNY Cortland [NY]), FFT 
165 lbs: Justin Bonitatis (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Will Brodfuehrer (SUNY Cortland [NY]), DEC 13-12
174 lbs: Mike Hamilton (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Nick Ryan (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 4-2
184 lbs: Larry Loomis (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Mike Denver (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), FFT 
197 lbs: Ed Broderick (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Adam Kozial (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DEC 4-2
285 lbs: Joe Murphy (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > James Lamonica (Morrisville State College [NY]), FALL 2:36
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Derek Conant (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Justin Delamothe (Morrisville State College [NY]), FALL 2:33
133 lbs: Kevin Green (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Anthony Moriarty (University of Southern Maine [ME]), DEC 12-3
141 lbs: Alex Labeef (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > George Robles (University of Southern Maine [ME]), DEC 10-4
149 lbs: Mike Dumas (University of Southern Maine [ME]) > Devan Witman (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), FFT 
157 lbs: Mike Gresh (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Pat Doherty (Gettysburg College [PA]), FALL 4:05
165 lbs: Jason Wake (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Jimmy Neal (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), FFT 
174 lbs: Chad McCray (Morrisville State College [NY]) > Mickey Keane (Johns Hopkins University [MD]), FFT 
184 lbs: Jesse Rayworth (University of Southern Maine [ME]) > Wala Canario (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), DEC 11-3
197 lbs: Mike Diorio (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Ben Cutrell (Gettysburg College [PA]), DEC 6-2
285 lbs: Kevin Gregory (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Neil Slocum (University of Scranton [PA]), FFT 

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