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39th Annual Rochester Interscholastic League Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Rochester City Schools (Rochester, New York)
Wednesday, February 26, 1969

Look Ma, No Hands
Look Ma, No Hands
George Rondash of East seems to be in somewhat of a predicament as Greg Fuller of West has the advantage. But Fuller won the match on a decision, gaining West High a final berth in the Interscholastic Wrestling Championships. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Thursday, February 27, 1969. Reproduced by with permission.

Album: General

Look Ma, No Hands City Mat Tests Open At East Tonight Madison, West Place Six In Final Wrestling Round Madison Tops Mat Meet; Places 5 on All-Scholastic

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Charlotte (Rochester) [NY], East High (Rochester) [NY], Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY], Franklin (Rochester) [NY], Jefferson (Rochester) [NY], Madison (Rochester) [NY], Marshall (Rochester) [NY], Monroe (Rochester) [NY], West High (Rochester) [NY]
Team Final
1. Madison (Rochester) [NY]  91 points
2. West High (Rochester) [NY]  80
3. Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]  70
4. Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]  60
5. Monroe (Rochester) [NY]  40
6. East High (Rochester) [NY]  29
7. Franklin (Rochester) [NY]  21
8. Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]  6
Marshall (Rochester) [NY]  6
Championship Final (1st)
95 lbs: Joe Johnson (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Tom Cristantello (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 13-3
103 lbs: Rufus Fairwell (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Houston McDonald (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 14-4
112 lbs: Carmen Oliveri (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > John Laboy (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 18-0
120 lbs: Reggie Wilcox (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Herb Brown (West High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-0
127 lbs: Joe Conley (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Reggie Schuler (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 2:32
133 lbs: Gene Rondash (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Artie Silas (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 10-1
138 lbs: Greg Fuller (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Michael Bray (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 4-1
145 lbs: Wilbur Wright (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Steve Cangialosi (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 9-3
154 lbs: Emilio DiCataldo (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > James Burts (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-0
165 lbs: Bruce Beaman (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]) > Bill Postwaite (West High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 2:15
175 lbs: Ray Williams (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Paul McBride (East High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:22
215 lbs: Willie Johnson (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Mark Signor (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 2:56
UNL: Steve Smith (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Jim DiCarlo (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), DFLT time?
Championship Semifinals
95 lbs: Joe Johnson (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Bill Klinke (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 5:36
95 lbs: Tom Cristantello (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > John Martone (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 5:59
103 lbs: Houston McDonald (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Vince DeLucia (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 3:22
103 lbs: Rufus Fairwell (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Steve White (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 9-3
112 lbs: John Laboy (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Lou Borrelli (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), MD 15-6
112 lbs: Carmen Oliveri (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Roy Burton (West High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 2:58
120 lbs: Herb Brown (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Craig Mastin (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:45
120 lbs: Reggie Wilcox (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Bill Webb (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), MD 13-0
127 lbs: Reggie Schuler (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Greg Hider (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), MD 13-5
127 lbs: Joe Conley (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Jim Reid (East High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:42
133 lbs: Gene Rondash (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Martin Cangialosi (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), MD 12-4
133 lbs: Artie Silas (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Nick Giagios (West High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-1
138 lbs: Michael Bray (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > Dennis Warren (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-1
138 lbs: Greg Fuller (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Lee Speranza (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 8-3
145 lbs: Steve Cangialosi (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Damiano DeLeo (East High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 3:22
145 lbs: Wilbur Wright (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Andy Baker (West High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-2
154 lbs: Emilio DiCataldo (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Cliff Robinson (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-0
154 lbs: James Burts (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > Welhem Mevs (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-2
165 lbs: Bruce Beaman (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]) > Tony Marciano (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-0
165 lbs: Bill Postwaite (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Dwight Wilcox (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-1
175 lbs: Ray Williams (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Kenneth Day (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 0:38
175 lbs: Paul McBride (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Rich Czarniecki (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 8-1
215 lbs: Mark Signor (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > James Coyle (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]), MD 12-3
215 lbs: Willie Johnson (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Fitz Houston (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-0
Championship Quarterfinals
95 lbs: John Martone (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Dolphus Johnson (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-0
95 lbs: Tom Cristantello (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Marv Verna (East High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:34
95 lbs: Bill Klinke (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Ruben Fuentes (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 10-5
95 lbs: Joe Johnson (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Victor Burgos (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]), TF 15-0/time?
103 lbs: Vince DeLucia (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Larry Rhodes (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:58
103 lbs: Steve White (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > Frank Borrelli (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 3-0
112 lbs: Lou Borrelli (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Otis Tucker (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), MD 13-2
112 lbs: John Laboy (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Al Parr (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-3
112 lbs: Carmen Oliveri (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Dave Whitaker (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 3:52
112 lbs: Roy Burton (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Bruce Painting (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-0
120 lbs: Reggie Wilcox (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Joe Morinelli (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:03
120 lbs: Bill Webb (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Dick Steadman (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:33
120 lbs: Craig Mastin (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]) > Pete Lacagnina (East High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 4:53
120 lbs: Herb Brown (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Irving Murph (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 5-4
127 lbs: Jim Reid (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Steve Humphrey (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-3
127 lbs: Joe Conley (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Larry Burrell (West High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:02
127 lbs: Dave Hider (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > Dave Randall (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 12-6
127 lbs: Reggie Schuler (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Walt Simpson (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 8-7
133 lbs: Nick Giagios (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Herman Cox (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-1
133 lbs: Gene Rondash (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Tom Lacagnina (East High (Rochester) [NY]), MD 8-0
133 lbs: Martin Cangialosi (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Chas Cromiller (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-1
138 lbs: Michael Bray (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > Dave Dunn (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 3:01
138 lbs: Lee Speranza (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Andy Britt (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 8-2
138 lbs: Dennis Warren (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Larry McLilly (Madison (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 11-5
138 lbs: Greg Fuller (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > George Rondash (East High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-1
145 lbs: Andy Baker (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Tim Bullock (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 4-1
145 lbs: Damiano DeLeo (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Jim Paglia (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 4:37
145 lbs: Steve Cangialosi (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Robert Rowe (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 3:22
154 lbs: Cliff Robinson (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Robert Frazier (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-2
154 lbs: James Burts (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > Tracy Rich (West High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 2-0
154 lbs: Welhem Mevs (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Larry Waller (East High (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 3:58
154 lbs: Emilio DiCataldo (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Sam Pearson (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 5:23
165 lbs: Tony Marciano (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > Frank Cimino (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 8-2
165 lbs: Bill Postwaite (West High (Rochester) [NY]) > Sandy Walker (East High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 2-0
165 lbs: Dwight Wilcox (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Bracken Paul (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 9-2
165 lbs: Bruce Beaman (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]) > Jeron Rogers (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:50
175 lbs: Kenneth Day (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Ken Primous (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]), MD 10-2
175 lbs: Rich Czarniecki (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]) > Luciano Pestilli (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 7-0
215 lbs: Willie Johnson (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Stan Marcello (Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:01
215 lbs: Fitz Houston (Marshall (Rochester) [NY]) > Chuck Parshall (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 1:31
215 lbs: Mark Signor (Monroe (Rochester) [NY]) > Chas Cleveland (East High (Rochester) [NY]), MD 18-7
215 lbs: James Coyle (Franklin (Rochester) [NY]) > Andy Lecesse (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), FALL 3:30


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