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Wyoming County Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Perry Central School (Perry, New York)
Monday-Friday, March 17-21, 1952

Letchworth Names 5 County Champs
Letchworth Names 5 County Champs
Pictured are the members of the 1951-52 Letchworth Central Wrestling Team and their coach, who have ended a most successful season, placed eight winners in the Wyoming County finals and will feature five members of the squad in the Section V finals in Rochester. SOURCE: The Castilian, March 27, 1952.

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Arcade [NY], Attica [NY], Letchworth [NY], Perry [NY], Warsaw [NY]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Championship Final (1st)
95 lbs: Ray Robinson (Warsaw [NY]) > John West (Attica [NY]), DEC 19-4
103 lbs: Ronald VanKuren (Perry [NY]) > James Goodenow (Warsaw [NY]), FFT 
112 lbs: Kenneth Swyers (Letchworth [NY]) > Burt Fugle (Attica [NY]), DEC 4-1
120 lbs: Don Handy (Perry [NY]) > Barney Balmas (Letchworth [NY]), DEC 6-0
127 lbs: Bob Gerould (Warsaw [NY]) > Richard Vincent (Letchworth [NY]), DEC 4-2
133 lbs: Ralph Mucher (Letchworth [NY]) > Charles Peterson (Warsaw [NY]), DEC 5-2
138 lbs: Carl Beck (Attica [NY]) > Dave Langdon (Perry [NY]), DEC 10-0
145 lbs: Robert Rutherford (Letchworth [NY]) > Gene Gorney (Warsaw [NY]), FALL time?
154 lbs: Marvin Bynes (Attica [NY]) > Don Dumbleton (Letchworth [NY]), DEC 7-4
165 lbs: Mike Salamone (Warsaw [NY]) > Pete Densmore (Perry [NY]), DEC 12-8
175 lbs: Carl McMaster (Letchworth [NY]) > Gerry Winter (Perry [NY]), DEC 6-0
UNL: Richard Wing (Letchworth [NY]) > Dale Slocum (Attica [NY]), DEC 5-3

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