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Canandaigua [NY] vs. Mynderse [NY]

Wrestling Dual Meet
@ Canandaigua Academy (Canandaigua, New York)
Saturday, December 14, 1968

Upsy Daisy
Upsy Daisy
Referee Al Gentile signals neutral but Mike Bullis (head down) of Mynderse is in the process of being taken down by CA's John Miller. Miller won the match, but in the final team outcome it was 18-18. SOURCE: Canandaigua Daily Messenger, Monday, December 16, 1968.

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Upsy Daisy CA, Mynderse Grapplers Tie, 18-18; JVs Beaten Mynderse, Canandaigua battle to pinless tie Mynderse Ties Canandaigua In Wrestling

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Box Scores
Canandaigua [NY] 18, Mynderse [NY] 18
95 lbs: Gerald Case (Canandaigua [NY]) > Steve Hall (Mynderse [NY]), DEC 6-2
103 lbs: Dave Hall (Mynderse [NY]) > Bob Connelly (Canandaigua [NY]), DEC 9-2
112 lbs: Gary Gustin (Canandaigua [NY]) > Al Calabro (Mynderse [NY]), DEC 6-4
120 lbs: Don Langdon (Canandaigua [NY]) > Jim Sinicropi (Mynderse [NY]), DEC 8-2
127 lbs: John Miller (Canandaigua [NY]) > Mike Bullis (Mynderse [NY]), DEC 13-1
133 lbs: Don Jones (Canandaigua [NY]) > Glenn Prosser (Mynderse [NY]), DEC 10-2
138 lbs: Jim Lashbrook (Mynderse [NY]) > Tom Reed (Canandaigua [NY]), DEC 9-6
145 lbs: Greg Amidon (Mynderse [NY]) > Doug Rouse (Canandaigua [NY]), DEC 12-2
154 lbs: Paul Kronenwetter (Mynderse [NY]) > John Morrice (Canandaigua [NY]), DEC 5-1
165 lbs: Si Jackson (Canandaigua [NY]) > Stu Smith (Mynderse [NY]), DEC 5-0
175 lbs: Ralph Lynn (Mynderse [NY]) > Don Mandrino (Canandaigua [NY]), DEC 3-2
HWT: Dave Moreland (Mynderse [NY]) > Tom Rother (Canandaigua [NY]), DEC 11-0

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