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West Central Wrestling Conference Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Haverling High School (Bath, New York)
Saturday, February 10, 1973

Bath Wrestlers Win 2nd Straight WCWC Tourney
Bath Wrestlers Win 2nd Straight WCWC Tourney
Host Haverling High of Bath produced six tourney champions and gained its second consecutive championship in the West Central Conference Tournament. SOURCE: Elmira Star-Gazette, Monday, February 12, 1973.

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Bath Wrestlers Win 2nd Straight WCWC Tourney

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Bath Haverling [NY], Corning East [NY], Corning West [NY], Hornell [NY], Wellsville [NY]
Team Final
1. Bath Haverling [NY]  80 points
2. Hornell [NY]  71.5
3. Corning West [NY]  65.5
4. Wellsville [NY]  44
5. Corning East [NY]  22
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Fran Noble (Hornell [NY], 119 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
98 lbs: Greg Wheeler (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Mike Pollizi (Hornell [NY]), DEC 9-6
105 lbs: Dave Fowler (Corning West [NY]) > John Horton (Wellsville [NY]), FALL 0:36
112 lbs: Dave Snyder (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Jim Ely (Corning West [NY]), DEC 8-0
119 lbs: Fran Noble (Hornell [NY]) > Jim Cornell (Wellsville [NY]), DEC 6-5
126 lbs: Mike Crissy (Hornell [NY]) > Jerry Tyler (Corning West [NY]), DEC 5-4
138 lbs: Jeff Wheeler (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Pat Donnelly (Hornell [NY]), DEC 14-3
145 lbs: Jim Young (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Joe Sciotti (Hornell [NY]), FALL 2:21
155 lbs: Rick Beekman (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Bill Sciotti (Hornell [NY]), DEC 9-5
167 lbs: Brad Wilkens (Hornell [NY]) > Mike Mott (Wellsville [NY]), FALL 2:15
177 lbs: Kurt Waldo (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Dave McFarland (Corning West [NY]), DEC 4-0
215 lbs: Steve Mingus (Wellsville [NY]) > Bob Hooper (Corning East [NY]), DEC 17-5
Consolation Final (3rd)
98 lbs: Steve Van Skiver (Wellsville [NY]) > Mike Novak (Corning West [NY]), DEC 4-0
105 lbs: Stan Hall (Hornell [NY]) > Jones (Corning East [NY]), DEC 7-0
112 lbs: Larry Pelky (Hornell [NY]) > Dave Maurice (Corning East [NY]), FALL 1:56
119 lbs: Frank Kiff (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Jeff Pierce (Corning West [NY]), FALL 4:34
126 lbs: Dann Braid (Corning East [NY]) > Doug Brazie (Bath Haverling [NY]), DEC 8-7
132 lbs: Joe Smith (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Joe Brazen (Hornell [NY]), DEC 14-0
138 lbs: Jim Hogue (Corning West [NY]) > Dan Sharman (Corning East [NY]), DEC 7-0
145 lbs: Phil Roche (Corning West [NY]), NA 
155 lbs: Blackwell (Corning East [NY]) > Tuttle (Corning West [NY]), DEC 5-2
167 lbs: Terry Hogue (Corning West [NY]) > Everett Brazie (Bath Haverling [NY]), OTD 7-2 (1OT)
215 lbs: Mike Hogue (Corning West [NY]) > Jeff Coots (Bath Haverling [NY]), DEC 12-4

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