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cory ali

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Comments like, “mind your own business, kid whooped everyone else, so what does it matter that he didn’t make weight”, is exactly why people should be concerned and question the process. Maybe you didn’t do the search so I will make it easier to understand…….just follow the link below. It’s not about any one kid or school.

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Bear2 wrote:
This whole thread is not about this young man missing weight and not wrestling in the states - nor is it about what school he is from, none of that is important. It is about the certification process that allowed him to go down to this weight and about what is right for young wrestlers and their overall health - now and in the future. When a young man is 15/20 pounds over weight the week of a tournament something is wrong. This young man should not have been at this weight.
I agree

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In that article, was that the Reese kid from section 2? I remember there was a Reese who wrestled back in the late 80's/early 90's that was a beast.

Also, it is bad enough that extreme weight sucking happens at the college level. Isn't it even way worse for these kids who are in high school and jr. high school or below? The obvious answer is yes, since they are still going through the growth process. I am curious to know how old the kid who didn't make weight is, but I don't feel it is necessary to discuss that here. Suffice to say that IF a 99 or 106 pounder is sucking 15-20 pounds, then those in charge simply do not care about the health of the kid. It is disgusting where some of these kids are allowed to certify, essentially coaches finding the loophole in the certification process, while jeopardizing the safety of the kid. And the "growth spurt" argument is silly. No 100-pound kid goes through a growth spurt where they gain 20 pounds in 3 months.
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