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Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team Plans 2015 Tour

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October 3, 2014

Dear Parents & Coaches,

Based on applications we have received so far, we have made a decision to continue working on plans for an Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team to tour, during the summer of 2015.

Among the applications we have received are several state and national champions/place winners, which already represent 7 states and Canada. While we have not made any announcement of team members yet, we may decide to name a few spots prior to the application deadline.

All announcements would be made on our Facebook page: 2015 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team. While currently an Open Group, once the final team roster is announced, this page would convert to a Closed Group.

We are, however, focusing our efforts on these are anticipated summer weights: 68-78, 88-112 and 128-138. This is not meant to discourage wrestlers not in these weights from applying, as we are not limited to what weights we can travel with. It is just based on the applications we have received so far, and where we feel we would like to have more of a selection from.

We have also started to talking to various individuals about coaching the team. Amongst those interested are:

3X State Champion Eddie Jayne (former team member and has coached the team 4 times)
3X All American Mark Jayne (former team member and as coached the team twice)
Mike Geisz (has coached the team 7 times now)
3X State Champion Colt Sponseller (former team member and now an Asst. at Edinboro)
State Champion Brad Harris (former 2X team member and has coached the team 3 times now)
3X State Champion Drew Pariano (former team member and currently Head Coach at Northwestern) - interested in working team camp again

Initial team itinerary would include scheduled matches in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, California and Oregon.

Sightseeing would include: Olympic Training Center, Pikes Peak, Alpine Slide, several Las Vegas Shows, including Blue Man Group, Recording Studio, Lake Tahoe, Disneyland, Pacific Ocean, Hollywood, Improv Show and Lesson, Mormon Temple, Baseball Game, Water Parks, San Diego Zoo, white water rafting and much more.

Again, if interested, please contact me for an application and return it by October 18. Those interested in 2016 and 2017 OASWT tours may also submit their application at this time.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Wrestling,

Bart Freidenberg
Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team

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Cael Woods - 7th grader from Lakeville, OH and son of 1986 team member Greg Woods. Cael was an OYWA and OAC State Champ in 2013 and TofC Runner Up in 2014. A Merit Roll student, Cael is projected at about 78-80 pounds next summer.

Kyle Rowan - 7th grader from Madison, OH. Kyle was an OAC State Runner Up in 2014, took 3rd in 2013 and was the OYWA State Champ in 2014. Kyle currently has a 4.0 gpa and should be around 80 pounds during the summer. Kyle's dad, Dave, was a 1987 AA for Edinboro.

Brett McIntosh - 7th grader from Harrison, OH. Brett won both the OAC and OHIOWAY state titles in 2014 and went 11-1 at the Virginia Beach Duals. He is expected to be around 140 pounds next summer. In school, he is a straight "A" student.

Jack Bokina - 9th grader from Mattituck, NY. Jack was was 2014 Section II NY High School Champion as an 8th grader and was one match from placing at the New York State High School Tournament. A High Honor Roll student, Jack is anticipated to be around 125 pounds come summer.

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For Additional Information: Bart Freidenberg bdbop@aol.com 614-507-1653

October 12, 2014

Nearly half the spots have already been filled on next summer’s 33rd Anniversary Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team tour.

---Open to all current 6th thru 9th graders, with an estimated summer weight of 65-155 pounds . Wrestlers must also carry a minimum of a B-/C+ grade point average.

---Initial Deadline for Applications Approaches (October 1Cool. To request an application, see contact information above.



Nine of the anticipated 21 spots, on next summer’s Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team tour have now been filled, according to Team Chairman Bart Freidenberg. “So far, we have what looks to be one of our more competitive teams we have ever fielded.”

These nine include 4 Ohio youth state champs, a New England champ, a NY State High School Qualifier, a Canada East Champion and a two time Ohio Tournament of Champions Champ. A current list of those named to the team, as well as a short compilation video of team photos from the 2014 tour, can be found on the Team’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2015OASWT/?ref=br_tf

Freidenberg added that several other applications received are currently being checked for references. Among those include wrestlers that have won Tulsa, the Trinity Award, the American Crown and various youth state champions.

He added that while applications for all weights are still being accepted, and considered, they are focusing most attention on 65-75, 88-98, 104-110 and 130 (estimated summer weights).

“We are not limited as to what weights we travel with,” Freidenberg said. “Whatever we have, we let the other teams know and they match up, as best they can. However, those are the weights we definitely hope to add some quality kids to the roster.”

Started in 1983, the Ohio All-Stars are the only team of its kind in the country. “There might be other teams that travel and wrestle, “ said Freidenberg, “but we are definitely unique with all the extra things we do, as well as the length of time we travel.”

He added that this year’s tour will start with a five to seven day team training camp and then the team will tour/wrestle five to six weeks in length. “A lot of folks think the kids don’t get a lot of mat time on the tour, due to all the extra things we do, but they really do. This past summer, the kids averaged about 20 matches and we also had an additional 15 practices as well, not counting camp.”

According to Freidenberg, the 2015 trip should see the team competing in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon and Idaho.

“What is really unique about our team is that we start with a group of young men, all with a common goal being the best wrestler they can be. They start out as individuals, slowly transform into a team and then, somewhere around half way thru the trip, they become a family,” he said.

“Along the way they learn how to take responsibility for their own actions, take care of each other, do their own laundry, budget their money and interact with adults who ask them about the team.

“Some parents think their child will get homesick on the tour, but we keep them so busy, that they don’t have time to think about that” he said. “We also do so many things that no other team would even consider, such as Broadway shows, dinner theatre, Improv lessons and the past two years the kids have even had the opportunity to record songs at a private recording studio, in Reno.

“We have also had a number of great speakers over the years, ranging from Former President Ronald Reagan, to UCLA Basketball Legend John Wooden, to 1936 Olympian/War Hero Louis Zamperini, to Cartoon Magnates William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, to various sports’s Hall of Famers and Olympians, including Rulon Gardner.

“Also,” he added, “while we do give the kids some freedom, we do have a number of team rules, which need to be followed. How our team presents itself to the public is of extreme importance to us, which is why we check up on each individual that applies for the team. The need to have a good moral character, or else they will not be selected, regardless what their mat accomplishments might be.”

He said wrestlers are expected to always present a positive image and among the team rules are that shirts must be tucked in and that no hats are allowed to be worn in restaurants.
“The nicest thing is when a stranger comes up and tells us what fine young men we have.”

But, there is also the other side. “This past year, we had one kid tell the official he made a bad call. Our wrestler decided he would be bit stubborn and wouldn’t apologize, so the team ended up with an extra 45 minute workout at the end of the match, even after our wrestler finally apologized to the official. “

Applications for this year’s Ohio All-Stars are due by October 18. You can request one by contacting Freidenberg at bdbop@aol.com or at 614-507-1653.

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2014 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team Update

13 of 21 spots already filled (not all names have been released though) and currently represent 5 states and Canada.


Also, we have put together a brief 4 minute YouTube video, so that you can see what the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team is all about. Here is the link:


This link should work on all devices, including mobile ones. However, if it does not, then you can go to our 2015 OASWT Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2015OASWT/ and click on the link from there, and it should work.

Since we just released this video, we decided to extend the application deadline a week, to October 25. Again, interested wrestlers need to currently be enrolled in the 6th-9th grades, have an estimated summer weight of 65-150 pounds and have at least a B-/C+ grade point average. While we are still accepting applications from wrestlers of all weights, our primary focus is on those with an anticipated summer weight of 65-75 pounds. Still, a good number of wrestlers in other weights, will also still be selected.

This year's tour, including the Team Camp, will begin around June 19 and finish the first week of August. The tentative schedule has the team competing in about 15 matches, and one tournament, in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Idaho.

For an application, contact Bart Freidenberg at bdbop@aol.com or call 614-507-1653.
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