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Jv counties split into EAST and WEST !!!

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With numbers that seem way down . My son is on brockports jv and we only have like 8 kids. Why split east and west there were not big brackets last year and this year numbers seem down. Most weights started at quarters , now cut in half you may have some start at semis. Heard it may be cost thing. But doing two schools seems like more money. One site one school charge. Coach Cook and staff do a fabulous job fenced off mats , bleachers , good food , well ran and in and out. Not to mention generally you will have already wrestled most kids on your side. Like we wrestle Hilton,Churchville,Spencerport etc counties they get to wrestle different kids. Just trying to shine some light on this . It is the only sport i believe that has a Jv championship. Its the Jv that feeds your varsity...

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That is really to bad. The JV Counties has been a tradition for years. Many of the next top varsity wrestlers are competing against all Monroe County League Competition. Can't see why they would ever divide it into East/West, can not be for money savings. This is really to bad.....we water down everything.

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If the tournament is East/West split many of these kid have already competed against each other. If it is a split, separate either by weight classes or have an A and B tournament. Make it as competitive as possible. I'm thinking most teams have 2 JV coaches. Just my thoughts.
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