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NYS Tournament

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A look forward to destination and a weekend away...I get it. Nothing wrong with that.

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Where would they hold it in Syracuse ? The War Memorial arena is a little old, isnt it ?
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It is in Albany because of room. I believe the move to Albany from Syracuse corresponds to splitting into two division. Syracuse was apparently too small to host a two division meet. The year it was in Rochester was not good. It was a Saturday and Sunday and there weren't many restaurants open on Sunday. Also, I heard that the beer vendors were open at the start of the tournament and the state had to make a financial deal with them to close down. Why any arena manger hosting a high school competition would think the sale of alcohol was ok probably doesn't deserve to host. There are problems at the Times Union Arena, especially the cost of concession items and parking, but it is still probably the best location, for now.

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I live and work on Long Island but I am realistic in understanding that we are an end of a rather large state. I am partial to Albany. Syracuse is viable as is Ithaca, or Binghamton if there are facilities that are willing to do a decent job. Buffalo is just too far for many as is my home of LI is far for them. I wouldn't be upset if Albany does it for a few more years but Time Warner has to allow us to see the event downstate. I'm sure we can get a contract with streaming through track and viewing on time warner cable.

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Time Warner has an exclusive contract with the state to televise all state championships. They do football, basketball, track and field, etc. so getting a contract by one of the wrestling sites won't happen until the T-W contract is up. I think the state would look for someone who would do all sports.

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Oldguy75 wrote:
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the Section V wrestlers on their performance at the NYS Tournament. I write this not just based on results, but for conduct as well. I was mostly on the Division 1 side so I will speak to that. Every wrestler I saw conducted themselves like a true gentlemen, whether they won or lost. Even though there were some great wins and disappointing losses, I did not see any showboating, excessive celebrations or fits of anger from our local boys. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of some wrestlers from other sections. Not only did these young men proudly represent their section, but they also represented their school, their families and their upbringing.
Now on to results: Outstanding job by all the finalists and placers! I believe that most expectations were exceeded. 7 finalists (8 if Yianni were healthy) and 2nd in team score, is an incredible, well deserved accomplishment.
106 - Anders with phenomenal semi-final win showing tremendous determination and ability, but unfortunately ran into a very tough finals match.
113 - I believe Greg D. was dominant in his match, but I also believe many may have underestimated Justin’s ability to keep it close. Just because people say that “you’re supposed to win it”, does not take away from a great accomplishment. Both exceptional wrestlers with bright futures.
126 - Fantastic job by Hertel, what a motor! Winning a huge quarter-final match vs. Tepperman, who if healthy, would have been the number 1 seed. Then beating a very tough wrestler in the semis. Excellent finals match, which could have gone either way.
132 – On a previous thread, someone commented that Venosa had the best chance of beating Teemer and they were correct. Venosa dominated his way to the final, not big scores, but nobody was close to scoring on him. Those “in the know” were saying that this would be a 1 or 2 pointer either way, and they were also right. Great fortitude by Venosa! Always moving forward and in on several singles that could have won the match, but an outstanding wrestler prevented him from finishing.
145 – Another dominant wrestler. Frankie was Frankie and worked with the same fervor as always. Always moving and not permitting his opponent to keep up. Nullified Shanahan’s Greco/sweeping abilities.
182 – Deprez is just a man amongst boys. What a dominant tournament! I know he was “expected to walk through”, but again, let us not diminish this great accomplishment just because he is that much better than the competition.
285 – I believe the younger generation would refer to William as “a beast”. What a pleasure to see a heavyweight with a vast array of shots, who not only takes them, but finishes them also. Great job beating a bigger, agile opponent.
I apologize for being long-winded, but I wanted to recognize all the Section V wrestlers and particularly the finalists.

Getting back to the original topic.....Great post Oldguy. I agree with everything you wrote. Congratulations to all the boys, they represented our section very well.

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Great weekend of wrestling, Congratulations to all who went and wrestled. .no matter if you placed or went out early.. everyone who wrestled iam sure works hard all year round and deserve a shout out, So I would like to tip my hat to all NYS Wrestlers. .Keep working and making that climb, stay focused and driven..Thank you to all the coaches who devote all the time with these young men on and off the mat.. !! Congratulations to All
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