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Matt Dernlan

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I was so saddened to hear that Matt Dernlan will not be coaching the Bearcats of Binghamton. In such a short time coaching my son, he not only improved him on the mat but improved him off the mat as well.
He was tough when he needed to be in a VERY tough sport, motivational, caring, and supportive. He handed down discipline when warrented and necessary. He had the team over on thanksgiving (for those that weren't able to go home) We couldn't
have asked for a better Coach for the start of our son's career. He has put together an amazing team that will wrestle "for him". Thank you Coach Dernlan! Your the best!
Mark & Kelly Heberlein

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This is a strange situation, more so based on the timing. A nice recruiting class this year, a dominant win over Big10 Indiana and plenty of returning EIWA placers. He definitely left the program better than he it was when he started. I wonder if Borshoff or the ex-Northwestern coach they just hired as an assistant would be considered as frontrunners to replace him.

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Northwestern coach left Binghamton after about one month. With no mention of him leaving. They brought in a just graduated wrestler to be an assistant.
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