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The Superior Tournament, and a larger issue at hand

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Most of you know who I am and if not Scott Kropman. I will never hide behind a screen name.

Some facts:

1. All tournaments are usually for the money. That is why you have them to raise money for Boosters, Schools, Clubs, Etc. I can't speak for what every tournament does with the money but it is what it is.

2. Yes some may take longer than others but knowing why before bashing really should be considered. I helped at SWA NCAA Bash. as I saw they were caught off guard with people who paid and never sent forms, not putting grade but age and some that had confirmations that never came through. Imagine 5-6 year old getting put in a 5th and 6th grade bracket, or your son/daughter being left out. You can see the dilemma (Hence the late start)

3. The moving of some wrestlers was unfortunately necessary and like most tournaments did it to try and guarantee as many matches as possible. We did the best we could, did we maybe make some mistakes. Sorry our human side came out.

4. Trust me when I tell you that no one wanted a shorter day than the director Gary who came there right from driving from Cleveland to run the tournament. Do you have that same dedication???

5. As far as bashing clubs. Please save you comments for those of us who don't love this sport as we do. We understand that Mat Time of any kind that is productive is good, and will go where and when we can find it!!

6. Last but not least Every tournament has it's good and bad but in the end it is about the wrestling and getting time on the Mat. Like one of the poster's said if you don't like the channel, change it.

I also want to say that everyone has a right to their opinions and each have their own. I am not telling you not to post, just to understand and maybe try to see all points before you do. Thank you all for reading.
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I'm glad my boys finished youth years ago so I get to read this stuff and not get stressed. Anyone who knows anything about wrestling and can be unbiased knows exactly what the Superior club does, especially the high school level: recruits the best wrestlers across the state to wrestle in the big time tournaments. I've witnessed it as Pop and Flo and 1,000 Islands. The misnomer is that they are entered as the "Superior Club." Very few wrestlers belong to the club. Those is the know and follow high school wrestling: know this to be true. G2, what can you do?! Capitalized with great wrestlers, a father who coaches his xxxx off, and some opportunities for many in Western NY to wrestle in tournaments, etc. Brought in world known clinicians that many of our kids benefited from. As far as the Garage: that's their deal. The few, the chosen, the accepted get to go train there. If you're in the club: you are in. Too bad we couldn't have about 20 of those working in the area. Youth tournaments being cash grabs: they can be, but boy it's a lot of work and a lot of stress. It owns you for about 3 months and then in the end, everyone goes home and many grumble and complain. Oh well. Most don't. Life goes on...

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One thing many people need to understand is we support all wrestling clubs. We have Superior wrestlers including my own child that go to other club practices, club clinics and camps and vice versa, other clubs have wrestlers who come to support Superior. It's one Big family.

Whether itís Superior, FLWC, APEX, Journeymen, G2, Celtic, Titan, Team X, Mat Power, Canadaigua Elite, The Garage, etc....we respect and support them all. And most of these coaches are friends of ours who bust there tail for their clubs. Itís crazy to compare one club over another when we all are giving wrestlers opportunities to grow. Many of these Clubs have brought in World Known Clinicians & College Coaches or Wrestlers, not just the club you take your child to. Itís ok to have love and support your club you are at. But most Clubs are offering the same Opportunities.

Organizing dual teams is not easy. Especially when you are trying to fill all weight classes on a team or in Superiors case several teams.
Some of our club member donít always travel or they are busy so we have to find bodies to fill some holes on the roster. Your right It is no secret we fill the holes with the best wrestlers we can get for our 1 Team. All this does is ensure our 6-10 elite Superior wrestlers along with the wrestlers who we picked up will get the best quality matches at the events we travel to.
We almost always take 3-5 MS & HS Teams to these dual events to make sure all our wrestlers have the opportunity to compete & along the way they get to bond with the team and meet new wrestling families who hopped on our team. Many of these kids keep coming back for the opportunity to wrestle.

In the end we are traveling all over the map to get our wrestlers & anyone else who loves this sport an opportunity not every club can offer. We will help any wrestler that comes to us (whether they are a club member or not) that is looking for a spot on the team or if we are full we will guide them in the right direction. All we ask is if your club is going to the same event you need to wrestle with them unless they have 2 wrestlers at the same weight then we will help.

One thing we always been proud of doing is when we put dual events together or travel to dual events we put hundreds of wrestlers that want to compete on the mat each year. Especially Section V / Western NY kids. Parents & wrestlers are very thankful for the opportunity we give them. We won Pop & Flo last year with all Section V wrestlers except 2. Pretty impressive for our Section competing against national level competition and coming out on top.

Sometimes we ask ourselves is this worth it because of the nonstop phone calls, emails & texts for an event we are hosting or wrestlers looking for a dual team to wrestle with or letting us know their kid has to back out because they are sick, hurt or something came up, in which then we have to turn around and scramble to find someone to fill these open spots. late nights and taking days off of work so we can organize events. Very stressful. Ask any club or school coach out there that builds a dual team for competition or coordinates wrestling events. Iíll say it again VERY STRESSFUL!!í

But....The answer is always the the same. YES it is worth it!!! When wrestlers and parents are as committed to this sport as we are it gives us great pleasure to go the extra mile to put these wrestlers on the mat & travel with them. Plus add the great wrestling familyís we meet in the process who many are good friends now. Priceless!!!

Me personally Iíve been coaching, coordinating tournaments & traveling with wrestlers for 12 years. Some know Iíve put a lot of time into Superior & FLWC for along time. Not everything goes as planned. Thatís life. I love what I do and will continue as long as I can. Thank god I have a wife and friends who supports my passion. As I mentioned in the previous post I truly thank everyone over the years for the support & your passion in helping grow the sport of wrestling.

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chucknorriscoverband wrote:
I have an idea.. don't go to superior G2 or nyway venues ! You seem to have a lot of answers and opinions so run your own show ! Or drop 500 bucks to head to another state for the weekend. When I don't like what's on the radio I change the station.. just saying..

Thatta boy! Chucks always on point. Bring a wrestling parent is not easy in many ways. Decide whether you are down to make the sacrifice for your kid or not.
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