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Marty I don't think things are better now, I truly don't know. What I do know is when I put your words to the verifiable facts you change your words and your ridiculous rants get longer and become more unintelligible. I do know what I know which is NY wasn't the powerhouse you exclaim in the '70's. I do know that the numbers of D1 colleges supporting wrestling has dropped in NY, and I do know the enrollment in NY schools is dramatically down since the 70's (even when comparing to the rest of the country). I do know that every time you have made a challenge to me to look up something (other discussions here about club training), facts do not support your commentary. I do know your commentary sounds plausible, you often drop names and information that cannot be checked, but when your facts can be verified you are wrong. I know you have made salacious comments about many a good wrestler from David Taylor, Nick Picininni, and others that you have been wrong. It doesn't mean you're always wrong, but you often are. So don't try to paint me in the corner with your words, try to have an intelligent conversation, and accept your initial premise was wrong. It is obvious to anyone who can't read that you have changed your premise since you started this thread, you're wrong move on.

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Ive said this before and I will say it again.

Any kid that walks through a Wrestling Room door - should only be commended .

REMEMBER. "A light will always shine brighter in a darkened room"


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this is old. lilmarty you are a pain I look past all of your remarks most of the time. you have taken over ur site and its not fun anymore.
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