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Congrats to section v captains at Binghamton

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Congrats to our section v alumni being named coach and captains for next season. Hopefully Kropman and the Deprez boy's do it like we've seen so many times! I'm really interested in seeing how far Louie can take things with 3 more yr's...he's made for college wrestling !!!!

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Didn't Louie redshirt this year ? He should have four years left .

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Im not sure...he won a couple tourns...he wad behind a top 20 guy in the lineup....can someone clarify? And did Parker get hurt?

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Think he was behind Steven Schneider.

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He was behind Schneider but it says in his bio he was a true freshman. Not sure why they wouldn't redshirt him. He had a pretty successful year, it would be a shame if it counted against him and he didn't even get a crack at qualifying.

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His bio says true freshman because thatís what he was this year. He only wrestled open tournaments. Next year he will be a redshirt freshman. It will be his first yr of varsity wrestling. Parker was a redshirt freshman in his bio because he wrestled his true freshman year and redshirted this year. He will have sophomore eligibility next year and no redshirt years remaining. Dane Heberlein is in the same category as Louie. Christopher Barker will likely redshirt next year and join the mix as a redshirt freshman in 2019.

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I paid attention to Binghamton's 2017/18 season and found it to have a series of noteworthy, if not odd, events.

The recruiting class is universally considered to be top 15 which is great.

They hire ex Northwestern U coach Drew Pariano as an assistant but he quietly leaves the program within weeks.

Coach Dernlan resigns in December which makes Borshoff the interim coach and he brings his brother back from RIT to assist him.

Heavyweight Calkins begins the season as the starter but does an in season transfer to RIT and Sean Dee steps into the lineup.

Mark Tracy began the season as the starter at 197 but Melikian replaced him without any explanation and Tracy is no longer listed on the roster.

Maybe inside the wrestling room all these events make perfect sense and will have no ill effect to the program, but the sum of it all seems rather odd from the outside looking in.

I'd love to see a SUNY school be relevant as a DI wrestling program whether it's UB or BU. Great if both made such progress. While there should be some talent stepping into an improving lineup next year, I can't say with certainty that this year was a step forward. I'd love to see some insight from those more familiar with the goings on.

As a side note in the odd category, Jake Peru goes from his senior year in HS at 182 lb. (which was ended in December of 2016 with a dislocated elbow) to a 230+lb. heavyweight in at most a little over a year. Maybe this kind of move is more common than I am aware but that is some serious body transformation that seems abnormal to the collegiate wrestling world. His best win was probably in his last match against Seth Janney of FLWC who is a top 10 Cornell recruit at heavyweight.

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A very strange development of events, on my behalf
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