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Nickel City Duals

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This is the 2nd one and I might hope that there will be many more. Kudos to the organizers and sponsors, including Illio DiPaolo's. The Riverworks venue is extremely interesting as not so much evidence of urban renewal, but a repurpose of what once was. Some person or organization has sunk some big bucks into creating this hub of activity in a place where none had existed in decades. Here is the link: .

All this is to say that there are even more good reasons to check out the wrestling to be held there this coming Saturday. Come see who how much some of the wrestlers you have followed have improved over the spring, or maybe witness the last hurrah of some college bound seniors, or enjoy the other activities that are offered there. It should be a nice day for both spectators and competitors with a predicted high of 73F which is better than last year's event which had a high in the low 60's.

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2nd year we have attended. Cold and blustery day, but a great venue and some excellent wrestling. This event will grow, in my opinion, if you keep it on time, organized, and there is not too much sitting around. Also, does bump into balls and proms, and that might keep some teams/wrestlers away on that weekend. Thank you for hosting....
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