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Section VI 2018/2019

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Ok, the section VI handbook is now out now and Olean +Allegheny-Limestone) is considered a DI team for this season. Looks like they have done some tinkering with the formulas for combined schools' enrollments. While NW should be the favorite to represent section VI at the state dual tourney, I think Olean is now maybe #2 in the section. Looks like they still are in CCAA division I for their league competition which is a good thing. I hesitated to believe what was posted at the NYWrestingNews website for the preseason rankings that had Olean as a DI team until the handbook could confirm it.

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You can see the new rules for combined teams here:

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How many starters did Lancaster lose?
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Andreessen, Rozler, Harry, Lapiana, Kilanowski

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Thatís a lot of wins to make up for this coming year
Numbers are wins totaled for senior year
Andreessen,46 wins
Rozler, 41 wins
Harry, 37 wins
Lapiana, 27 wins
Kilanowski 14 wins

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Falconer/CV is in a situation similar to Lancaster. Keefe, Ingrao and Torres were a combined 152 - 18 with a majority of those losses coming from outside section VI. Both programs had a solid core of underclassmen that were ~50% wrestlers meaning their win/loss record is relatively even. You have to believe that the coaching staffs were pointing to the graduation losses to motivate these 50% types in the off season. How much these kids improved will determine how successful their teams will be in defending their dual team championships. Pioneer has a group of kids like this too but they seem further along in their improvement.

I'd put it like this to start the year: NW>Olean>Lancaster>GI in DI and Pioneer>Falconer/CV>Fredonia(SC-Brocton-Forrestville-PV)>Newfane>Chautauqua Lake(Westfield-Panama-Clymer) in DII. Not sure where Iroquois fits in as their roster wii be very strong up to maybe 152 and then really thins out afterward. How much the potentially expanded roster will improve Fredonia's dual team strength is another big unknown.

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Lancaster never falls to far they still have a solid core but yes some of their 50% will need to take another step this year.
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