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UB Wrestling 2018/2019

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Story on the front page about UB @ Wisconsin tomorrow night. They should be a stronger team this year and I am especially interested in Troy Keller's debut and season. As a Juco national champion for NCCC who really was stellar, there's a prospective nickname, Stellar Keller, at that level. He might draw Evan Wick, NCAA #3 last year. There are plenty of great high school wrestlers that go to Juco programs with a dream of catching a DI transfer. Troy will be one to watch as he made it happen.

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Projected Lineups

125: Kyle Akins (Buffalo) vs. Conner Brown (Wisconsin)
133: Derek Spann (Buffalo) vs. Jens Lantz (Wisconsin)
141: Bryan Lantry (Buffalo) vs. Tristan Moran (Wisconsin)
149: Jason Estevez/Kyle Todrank (Buffalo) vs. Cole Martin (Wisconsin)
157: Alex Smythe (Buffalo) vs. Zander Wick (Wisconsin)
165: Troy Keller (Buffalo) vs. #2 Evan Wick (Wisconsin)
174: Jake Lanning (Buffalo) vs. Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin)
184: Logan Rill (Buffalo) vs. Mason Reinhardt (Wisconsin)
197: Sam Schuyler/Brett Perry (Buffalo) vs. Brady Wetter (Wisconsin)
285: Jake Gunning/Nolan Terrance (Buffalo) vs. Trent Hillger (Wisconsin)
Go for the pin.

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Is Troy Keller still wrestling? Havenít seen him in the lineup lately.
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Hurt his knee against Evan Wick, gonna be a while!

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Just watched Troy beat Aiden Monteverdi of Binghamton, 7-6. He looked strong but maybe a little slowed by his leg injury which was heavily wrapped. UB is thumping the Bearcats 23-3 after Troy's match.

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Regarding Troy Keller...............

Midlands 165
Troy Keller's place is unknown and has scored 0.0 team points.

Champ. Round 1 - Anthony Valencia (Arizona State - UNAT) won in sudden victory - 1 over Troy Keller (Buffalo) (SV-1 8-6)
Cons. Round 1 - Troy Keller (Buffalo) received a bye () (Bye)

I know there are those out there that say there is no substitute for winning and close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades but that is not me. I believe in meaningful losses especially in an individual sport. They can indicate and foster growth. Losing in OT to that guy is meaningful.

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I believe Buffalo also has JUCO champion Nick Cassella joining the team in January.

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Looks like Keller lost in the blood round. I saw Casella was going there as well. What happened with Akins? I thought he was supposed to be there?
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