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Thank You Armdrag and Matburn

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I just wanted to say thank you to armdrag and matburn for keeping our love of wrestling free. Flo and NY Wrestling News cost just as much as Netflix and Hulu. While I understand the cost to run these sites and salaries, I will NOT pay that. Iíll stick to supporting local-ish by buying tix to events, donating for fundraisers and visiting their sites.

Iím sure someone out there will have opposing comments, but I donít care.
Reaching 1,000 posts would be like winning a state championship for me. Please let it happen.

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Flo provides quality video. I look at it as a donation to a sport that has given me so much. It's my way of paying it forward and have no problem paying for what I get. I still bleed purple and appreciate this site, but I do miss the REAL wombat! This post actually brought a tear to my eye when I realized it was just another imposter.....

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Flo has value and is current. As for NY wrestling news, its a joke! Paying for what? The rankings that are no better than picking names out of a hat. The site became garbage once it became a pay site. If you pay for that then you must be a parent of a kid that got their name pick out of the hat.

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hear hear !!!!

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WOMBAT, I like your Theory and AGREE 100%. You will get that 1000!! REGARDS. MARINE SNIPER.

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This site is definitely not the same without Wombat! It was an amazing fun time when back in the days of the real Wombat!
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