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Ghost town....

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I miss WrestlingGloves. I heard he went on to be a College club rower, but lost his spot because of Aunt Becky from Full House.

My nemesis with many names, is trying to do a Twitter Battle with the President and losing terribly.

I remain happily retired.

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LImarty wrote:
Hello Section V......Yes, I am still alive. WRESTLING at the High School level to me in NYS....well, how can I be diplomatic about it. I watch College D-1 wrestling and it reminds me of the mid 70s- to- mid 80s on Long Island. Yes, I said it.....and I stand by this.

also, I lost my brother in Sept. While I wrestled for 10 mins- he wrestled for his Lifetime. A gifted HS wrestler- scholarship wrestler- AAU wrestler. Then he was the #1 Wrestling Official in NYS for 20 yrs- and then coached at the HS. level for 15 yrs. Sad to say....without him it is very hard for me to ENJOY the sport at the depth of which I followed it.

Best to the wrestlers from Section V- in Albany. Long Island is good both Suffolk/ Nassau...though, I didn't see ANY DI kids that I would get excited about at the next level.

Sorry to hear about your loss Marty. Your banter, while crazy at times, is missed here as it was always passionate and entertaining.

By the way, I am still owed an adult beverage from our NCAA bet last year so if you are stopping into Albany let me know and we'll catch up.

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Just read your post. Anytime....... I will be up hopefully this Summer / Saratoga. .
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