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The Streak

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Wrestling is Breaking Barriers and Appears on Television with The Greatest Winning Streak in Sports

No academic institution, be it collegiate or scholastic, in any sport, has enjoyed a longer undefeated streak than the high school wrestling program in Brandon, Florida. Every year for the last 34 seasons they have walked off the wrestling mats victorious and ESPN has taken notice. Now less than a week away, America will have an opportunity to see how this amazing program was organized, administered and learn from its leadership what it took to keep the success train on the tracks. April 29th at 9PM on ESPN2 the network will air a two-hour sports documentary that is produced by Kelly Ripa (Live with Regis and Kelly) and Mark Consuelos (All My Children).

Al Bevilacqua, President of the Beat the Streets Wrestling Inc. was invited to a private screening on April 24. "It was an amazing evening....obviously seeing Russ Cozart again after so many years was good. Russ did the wrestling community a good service and not only is he an outstanding coach and wrestler, he can now add acting to his resume.

The film is a testament to our sport that Chairman Michael Novogratz is constantly reminding our entire organization that wrestling builds toughness, toughness build leaders. It is a must see for the general public and not just wrestling people. The message is good for everyone."

411 Champions are thrilled as wrestling is making its way onto the television schedule as television validates everything. Please watch as this wets one’s appetite for what is ahead for wrestling shows.
“The telling of this story is story is about 15 years past due,” explained Wade Schalles, Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Executive Producer of Wrestling 411. “What Russ Cozart has accomplished as a coach and the amazing team of professionals he has put together is unparalleled in sports. This program is for real and “the streak” is the sort of thing that spawns folklore.”

J. Robinson, the Head Wrestling Coach at the University of Minnesota feels this way. “Television validates the sport. Having ESPN focus on the amazing accomplishments of the Brandon High School program is very powerful for amateur wrestling. Everyone needs to tune-in on Tuesday and for those who can’t do that, they need to tape the show. The bottom line is the more eyeballs we have watching an incredible show; the greater the benefits will be for wrestling.”

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Fort LeBoeuf grad in wrestling movie
Donofrio a coach for Brandon High during 'The Streak'


Kevin Donofrio, a 1980 Fort LeBoeuf graduate and a former Edinboro wrestler, is an assistant coach with a team that will be chronicled in the two-hour movie "The Streak" on ESPN2 today at 9 p.m.

Donofrio assists Russ Cozart at Brandon High School in Brandon, Fla., which had not lost a match in 34 years. No academic institution of any level, in any sport, had a longer undefeated streak than Brandon.

On Jan. 5 of this year, "The Streak" came to an end at 459 consecutive victories when Brandon High finally lost.

The movie tonight will cover the 12,396-day span, the six presidents and 34 Super Bowls that "The Streak" spanned.

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That documentary was great. Brandon totaly dominates their league and region in Florida. To be able to send almost a complete lineup to states makes me wonder how tough the competion is though.

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The documentary was outstanding and I thought that it did a good job promoting high school wrestling. I agree with Dirt on some points, he's right Florida isn’t exactly a hotbed for high school especially compared to the Mid-West or the North-East (PA, NY, NJ). With that said they do have two elite national level wrestlers (Grajales and Cozart) Grajales recently defeated Ian Paddock in both styles of the North East regional, which goes to show you the level he’s at. Cozart seems is an outstanding coach and his kids seem to really buy into his system.
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From watching the documentary which was absolutely outstanding, but I was not too impressed with the quality of wrestling for the most part. Seemed like every offensive move was a headlock. To me, I would almost say that winning a state title in Florida is comparable to winning the East Invitational here in Monroe County. How did that one kid win states? Where was the Miami-Dade kid that crushed him at their "Beat the Streak" tournament. Just my opinion.

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What's up with all the head lock's ???
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