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where they go?

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Where did all the Seniors who graduated in 03 go of to college? Who is wrestling in college from section five?

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This RJ Smith. I won Class D @ 130 Last year. I would like to keep in touch with ppl in Section V my Aim is Partytime the 3, And Email is rgs03@theteebox.com, i am currently wrestling 125 @ Cumberland College in Kentucky. I am injured currently with separated ribs Sad but can't wait to get back on the mat. If you knew me Holla @ me.

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Here are the few that I know of:
Division 1

Kevin Busch (Brockport) Binghamton 174
Mike Patterson (Wayne) Binghamton 197
Andrew Scolaro (C.-S.) Binghamton 157

Andrew Krieger (Webster-S.) UNC-Greensboro 133/141

Division 3

Brandon Clark (York) Brockport 165
J.P. Zengerle (Gates) Brockport 149

Gene Kobilansky (Brighton) NYU 141/149

? Dan Safranec (Fairport) Oswego 149/157

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It's Bush, just like the President. Sorry for being picky, but I like to see my name spelled correctly.

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Jason Bowers went to Slippery Rock thats Divsion one wrestling thier.
to bad i herd that Binghamton is dropping thier program so what are those boys goin to do now.

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i heard that taylor from RH is still wrestling, at SUNY Oswego i believe

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Congrats to them.

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Yeah i feel bad for the wrestlers at Binghamton....b/c i was on Andy's team last year.

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That's pretty cool that there's 3 section fivers on at Bingamton. It'd be nice to see a familiar face at college where you don't know anyone.

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Yeah, it's too bad their droping their wrestling program Confused Neutral
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