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Coaches, Dads, wrestlers: I want to share with you a tool that I sincerely believe
is the future of our sport. In talking with other D 1 college coaches I can tell you that
many of them are using this right now and they LOVE it. No one is being paid right now to
solicit or comment on this revolutionary tool; I have been paid nothing to write this.
Cary Kolat was my assistant coach for two years; that is how I know about this and I
volunteered to be involved in it because I believed in the concept. It has been available
for about five months and the people who are using it are very excited about how it has
helped them and their teams. How much time and money do you spend on technique? We all
buy tapes and dvd's to learn moves. Most of these are commercial tapes designed primarily
to make somebody money. Imagine a complete library consisting of one-minute clips that
you can watch teaching just about any technique in wrestling you can think of. For
wrestlers and dads this is invaluable. You are having trouble stopping a high crotch; you
go online type in defending high crotch and get five pages of clips with different
techniques. Coaches, we all struggle with drills and conditioning techniques to add to
and plan our practices around. A complete novice wrestling coach can design an entire
years practice using this site. I actually email clips of moves we are going to teach at
practice to my team on Sunday night so they can review ahead of time! You have an Olympic
and NCAA champion at your finger tips 24/7 teaching your guys moves. Not knowing
technique is no longer an excuse for any of us! Go to "" and watch the free
tutorial. Kolat will give you a day's pass for free if you email him and ask him to on
his site. The cost for a months pass to the site is ridiculously inexpensive. I truly
believe in this tool and I encourage you to just check it out. Please know that this
endorsement is not being solicited and I only am writing because I know how much this can
help wrestling.

C.D. Mock
Head Wrestling Coach
University of North Carolina
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