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approaching wrestling with a long-term outlook

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being successful in wrestling at all levels requires desire, dedication, focus, and knowledge!

technique is so important in wrestling that as i improved i was forced to constantly seek out coaches who could take me to a higher level. i went where i could to get what i needed. over the years i came across coaches and techniques that fit my style and didnít fit my style. there are moves i did not use during my career in competition and there are moves i hit quite regularly but all of it increased my ability to wrestle with some of the worlds best.

this library is a catalog or database of what i have learned through my 30 year wrestling career. the library is not complete and will continually be updated monthly so each time you return to the site something will be added for you learn from.

my attempt is to teach you to teach yourself and give you access to what i have learned and continue to learn on daily basis. you will find moves that work for you and moves that do not work for you but itís all going to increase your ability to expand your wrestling technically and give you needed knowledge.

the library is built with technique in mind not style. everything will be shown as we move forward and it develops. iím attempting to build it evenly so we will build between top, bottom, neutral, freestyle, etc.

no longer will you have to wait for the dvd and only get a handful of moves iím giving you everything and allowing you to create your own play list so you organizing your training. coaches will no longer have that feeling of getting stale because i have added 1000ís of clips for you to look at and plan practice. is your 24/7 wrestling coach
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