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Girls Season Kickoff For USGWA

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Badger State Brawl, Jan. 9, 2011

First USGWA meet of the 2011 season, 10th Annual Wisconsin "Badger State Brawl" at Bradford High School in Kenosha. Sunday, January 9, 2011. Ten (10) 8th graders will be there from Springstowne Middle School from Vallejo, California. This team is America's BEST middle school girls wrestling team with 60 MEMBERS! -- but only the 8th graders make this annnual out-of-state trip. In the past they have wrestled in Kentucky & Tennessee (2010), Oklahoma (2009), Hawaii (2008), Montana (2007) ,M***achusetts (2006), and Michigan (2005). Great competition, be there.

43 already pre-regged for Badger State

43 already!!! And, you have until Monday, Jan. 3, 2011 to pre-register by mail. OR, now you can pre-register on line by going to, and click "register on line" which sends you to the USGWA store. Here they are as of 9pm Dec. 26, 2010:

Morgan Bertzyk, Kenosha, WI 12
Catalina Cerdas, Kenosha, WI 12
Casey Silkwood, Kenosha, WI 12
Charlotte Fischer, Racine, WI 11
Emilia Cerdas, Kenosha, WI 10
Autumn Hamilton, Kenosha, WI 10
Annabeth Cerdas, Kenoahs, WI 9
Jamie Reif, Racine, WI 9
Stephanie Angulo, Vallejo, California 8
Nyssa Ausa, Vallejo, California 8
Audrey Bucher, Kenosha, WI 8
Taya de Alba, Vallejo, California 8
Vanessa Flores, Vallejo, California 8
Ricki Liang, Vallejo, California 8
Jeraldine Nebres, Vallejo, California 8
Arianna Pedersen, Kenosha, WI 8
Tiffany Quilala, Vallejo, California 8
Brianna Schlattman, Vallejo, California 8
Seriaha Torres, Vallejo, California 8
Elisabeth DeFoe, Kenosha, WI 7
Samantha Funk, Kenosha, WI 7
Casey Rice, Kenosha, WI 7
Sydney Lyons, Kenosha, WI 6
Jennifer Christman, Kenosha, WI 5
Kelsey Coshun, Pleasant Prairie, WI 5
Ariel Taylor, Kenosha, WI 5
Kimberly Evans, Kenosha, WI 4
Jordan Heeter, Kenosha, WI 4
Catherine O'Sullivan, Kenosha, WI 4
Hannah Ramos, Kenosha, WI 4
Tova Reardon, Kenosha, WI 4
Makayla White, Kenosha, WI 4
Aliyah Caira, Racine, WI 3
Shakayla Gardner, Kenosha, WI 3
Nicole Rehm, Kenosha, WI 3
Madisen Piontkowsi, Kenosha, WI 2
Emylya Sanders, Kenosha, WI 2
Julianna Torres, Kenosha, WI 2
Viviana Castillo, Kenosha, WI 1
Bree Maravilla, Kenosha, WI 1
Weather Ann Tucker, Kenosha, WI 1
Rayne Maraville, Kenosha, WI K
Bailey Piontkowski, Kenosha, WI K

Registration Info ...
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