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Omaha drops wrestling

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It is heart breaking to hear that the d2 team at the university of omaha has decided to drop it's program. What is even worse is that they are back to back to back national champs who were told literally two hours after they won the national title. Read the article below to see how awfully these hard working STUDENTS were treated and how to help reverse this tragedy. athletic directors email

As I copied the link I noticed that UNCgreensboro has dropped there program before there four qualifiers competed in this years NCAA tournament really classy.

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How there can be these types of people in administrative positions that can make such decisions shows the direction our country is headed. I know nothing of this program, but unless there was a whole lot of misinformation in that article, that is one of the most sickening stories I have read. I don't care if it was a frisbee team, with the success that that program has had, they deserve a whole heck of a lot more respect and accolades than that. Absolutely dispicable! Just another example of what is happening in our country--selling our soul to money, while ignoring the great efforts and work ethic that truly produces greatness.

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