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Letchworth Duals

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Lots of quality teams and potential for some great individual match ups. Is there a schedule and list of matches yet?

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Wow!. Some really great D2 wrestling going on in Letchworth! 5 rounds today revealed a lot of talent and great future match-ups at Sectionals in a month! Tomorrow will be even better! Falconer looks to be the team to beat! Great to see a bunch of Sect 5 Alumni present,,,,Burke and Aaron Paddock, the Recco's, many former state reps. It was so awesome to look around that gym and see all the past and future Sect 5 champions!

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Attica Batavia is showing well, a win over Warsaw and close loss to Pioneer.

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Does anyone know the standings after Day 1. Track wrestling and armdrag are not updated.

It's nice to see most Section V and VI D2 powerhouses represented in one dual meet.
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