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Thank You Mike

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A couple of summers ago the initial conversations started about forming a youth league in Rochester for wrestling. Penfield's, Mike Liess was at the front of developing the league and took on a lot of work to see this thing through. Last year was the inaugural season and it was a huge success; this year the number of teams participating more than doubled. Today, posted on Armdrag there is an article out of Section II stating how that area is now doing the same thing based on a model from what Mike Liess has done. Our sport thanks you Mike on a job well done!!

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Great job, Mike!
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Folks can find the schedule on the grywl website if they want to check out some of the duals. The kids have a BLAST. They get to feel the team sense of the sport and really boost up the kids who may lose a match.

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This is the first week of the GRYWL's second season.
For more information on the Greater Rochester Youth Wrestling League, visit or

Click here to read the article about the Albany based youth dual league, modeled after the GRYWL

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Thank-you Coach Liess for promoting the sport among the next generation. That's how we're going to see the sport continue, and hopefully to prosper. And, thank-you to those who are involved with this effort.
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A thread worth reading. Thanks Coach for exposing the positive!!

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Greater Rochester Youth Wrestling League is a huge success
It will bring much more interest to the sport from a younger generation.
Great job Mike Liess and all inviolved.

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Thank you Mike. Great job!

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"Victorcoach" awesome job recognizing Mike's efforts instarting up this league. I do ask that you consider changes your head line on front page of forum so more people may read this knowing what is about . Great job ,Miele, Webster Jr. Titans
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