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Time for AA & Asectionals to go back to separate locati
Should A & AA sectionals go back to 2 separate locations?

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I cant remember if the A Sectional families or coaches complained of last years combined sectional tournament or not but they should have! AA families benefited from the favorable viewing of matches the last 2 years but this year it changed. I will have to say, as a huge fan of wrestling, this was the worst viewing of any tournament I have been to. Listen, you cant house 20 teams in this venue and be able to have the fans enjoy the matches. Only the teams in the front 3 mats have favorable viewing. The cost would be the same if they went back to separate locations. Any high school gym that can have a full set of bleachers out and have 3 mats can host a sectional event. It can not continue. Thoughts?
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I hate this format. Should of kept it as a single championship with the top 3 from each section making states. I see no purpose in the a/aa format. Some weights had wrestlers that had to win once to make the finals. When 75 percent of a weight class makes it to supers it definitely waters down the competition. D1 is so predictable that every weight but 120, 126, 170, 195, 220 have huge favorites.

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The venue made me angry because it showed no respect for families of wrestlers on mats 4-6. Section V and their coordinators knew this was a problem three years ago when the A/AA was placed at Gates. My guess is that they do save some money with this move. The planners know that half the fans will NOT be able to view the wrestling because of coaches, wrestlers, and tables being in the way. With that said, this was the worst year for it. If that damn announcer, who by the way was very good, said one more time "Only 2 coaches in the corner, no wrestlers so the head table can see all of the wrestling." How about, "The fans that are 50 yards away from the wrestling, can't see their kids wrestling because all of you are standing in the way, not giving a damn about the fans..." Or he could have said, "We tried to save a few dollars by putting all of this in one venue, and we don't really care if you can see or not." Knowing all of this, they could have assigned the crack security staff at GC to monitor the middle area between the mats and move wrestlers and the coaches who decided to stay and talk/watch out of the area. That would have worked, but there was always going to be obstacles in the way for the fans. Let's not even get into the inconsistency of the security staff and who was allowed to go past them. How many photographers does one school get? And you know who you are? You even had parents, trying to videotape their kids match on the other side, get told to sit down. Yea, they could have gone up on the track and videotaped, but should they have to do that? Time for the coordinators of A/AA to get together and pull their heads out of their you know what and separate the two tournaments out. The worst part for me who has been there the last 3 years: the organizers knew this was a problem and it got worse every year. Let' see, we know half the fans won't be able to see the wrestling, so let's not have a good plan in place to at least minimize the problem. Do the right thing ADs and coaches.

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I agree with all of the above and want to add that I think the coffee police are ridiculous! But it forces fans to pay two dollars for a burnt cup of coffee from the vendor. Sad...

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Hell i think 2 seperate schools would be easier for food , sight , parking, ............. Keeping non coaches in the bleachers...

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Lines were huge coffee nazi for some people. Not enough seats . Please switch.

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You need to voice it to AD's. Thats where the decisions are made.
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