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A super Supers

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This year's Supers were just that, super. First I want to commend Section Five and their wrestling committee for making some badly needed changes to make the experience for spectators more enjoyable. Using tower scoreboards and eliminating the space between the mats made it much easier for fans on both side to follow all matches. Although I follow the D-2 matches I also have several D-1 wrestlers and teams that I follow. In the past with the tables and all the activities in the middle of the mats and the timers facing out I could not follow, or even see most of the D-1 matches. It was nice to be able to see scores from all mats.
Secondly, with most of the written and televised accounts of the Supers centering on the D-1 matches wrestling fans may have missed one of the most competitive tournaments since wrestling became 2 divisions on the D-2 side.. There were 5 overtime matches, 2 that went all three ot periods and 2 that needed the 4th UTB. Four other matches resulted in 1 or 2 point wins (or losses). With the qualifying process for at large berths it is a shame that some of the athletes won't be wearing the purple singlets in Albany.
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