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section 6 finals

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All of section 6 saw an inconsistent call happen in a finals match this weekend. In the second ride out we watched a kid get dinged for stalling because he was hanging on a leg and not returning them to the mat. This all happened with in 30 seconds. In the ultimate ride out the exact same thing happened, yet no call. This was very clear that someone did not want a stalling call to determine a state berth

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Just to be clear I in no way intend to diminish this young mans state berth.

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I may be mistaken, but isn't the rule that there is no stall violation during an ultimate rideout?

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Found this on the NFHS wrestling points of emphasis page;

"The ultimate tiebreaker presents a different format when it comes to stalling. The referee should take into account that the
offensive wrestler does not have to score to win, and can win by controlling the defensive wrestlers for 30 seconds. If the d efensive
wrestler scores, the match is concluded. This could be by an escape, reversal or through a penalty point(s). If the offensive wrestler
scores, the match is also concluded. If neither wrestler scores, the offensive wrestler will be awarded one point and declared the
To ensure that the offensive wrestler does not take advantage of the 30 seconds by just grabbing onto a body part(s) and holding
on, a stalemate should be called immediately after determining that the offensive wrestler has grabbed onto a body part(s) so lely in
an effort to prevent the defensive wrestler from scoring. Wrestling will resume from the offensive starting position on the mat; if the
offensive wrestler uses a similar tactic again, stalling should be called and penalized accordingly."

Typically, it is not called in utb. It is up to the ref to determine whether the wrestler is simply holding on or trying to return the other wrestler to the mat. Tough position to be in, especially when a state berth is on the line.

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In the D2 finals, did Ingrao get "caught " with a move?
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The stall call and point give in ultimate ride out happened In the state finals about 4 years ago. The one kids coach contested the call and the head ref came over and they all deliberated for about 10 min, and it was confirmed the point was awarded
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