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Why is Smackdown weak asf?

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Winning streaks are good for plot devices for wrestling in general. We had great moment and matches with Undertaker being undefeated at Wrestlemania until his streak was broken. Many, now, are enjoying Asuka's streak.
It seems in wrestling there have been a lot of undefeated babyfaces. We had a fun one with Rusev until Cena, the conquering hero, pinned him at Wrestlemania 31.
So, who should have more winning streaks? Babyfaces or heels?
To me, heels are much better for this. Especially, when you want to see his comeuppance being defeated by a fresh babyface, it would create such drama at Mania or something.
Do you enjoy undefeated streaks? Do you think it's better on faces or on heels?

Please help.

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