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NYWAY states

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What is everyone's opinion? Bracketing? Venue? Awards?

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First and foremost. Thank you Adam and all others who out on this event. It is fantastic.

But....there is always a but. They need to make sure kids who win the regional are separated from other winners. It is an easy thing to do and they use to do it. This year they did not.

Biggest complaint id make is the venue did not have enough bathrooms.

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Thank you everyone from NYWAY for putting the event on. A few things to change/think about next year; As was mentioned above the brackets were unbelievably stacked terribly. In way too many divisions there were 1st/2nd regional placers on the same half of the bracket. There has got to be seeding done to at least the 1st/2nd place finishers of regionals. At the end of the day the handing out of awards/podium pics was a mess that needs to be handled better, like awards don't get handed out until the entire group is there then they go to the podium. There were more than 5 cases yesterday (that I know of) where placers were missing from the podium because awards were just handed out with no direction. Concessions was an issue, If NYWAY makes any money off of concession they lost a bunch of it because people were ordering pizzas and other delivery foods because the line for concessions was long. Overall I think the SERC was a bit small for the event. Again I know it can not be easy for the NYWAY folks and it seems to be the same 4 people running NYWAY so maybe some more volunteers would help. Thanks again for a great event!

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I thought the event was top notch. Competition was fierce
Only neg. I thought was I didn't like that kids were not on same mat all day making it hard for me to watch/follow divisions.
Thank you Nyway
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