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Go watch the Bousakis vs Titus match at the National Duals.

Two of the better 120 lbers in the Country.

While Titus does show a tremendous upside- and- a motor that keeps going . Bousakis showed that "basic" technique and application will always stop the flops, the twirls, the rolls etc etc. in which FUNK has been accredited for.

A schooled/disciplined wrestler with just a handful of moves- done correctly- will prevail 90% of the time.

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Tell that to everyone who has wrestled Yianni in the last 3 months. Funk certainly hasnít worked for him.

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As stated by commentator
Bousakis Just to big and strong for the weight
That match could have gone either way
At end of first at very least Titus was due 1 point escape for lose of control and a argument could be made 2 for reversal as time expired

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there is a major difference - Yianni- He is long- and- flexible. Counters extremely well- and- is hard to score on. Watch the match again- Titus was very lucky that he didnt get caught and planted.



disagree. Titus was not gonna score offensively.

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Funk has changed wrestling forever and those who can do it and wrestle through all positions will win more than those who can't.

Here we go, "in my day wrestling was better"

Wrestling today is better than ever. Technique is more developed, athletes are better conditioned and funk is awesome.

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It is Wrestling...for sure. Without any bloody noses. Wrestlers who flop and flip on the mat like goldfish who left their bowl and landed on the floor- they will eventually meet a wrestler who is technically sound- Yeah, alot of FUNKY wrestlers coming out of Jersey- too funny !!!

TOUGH- SOFT- without any mat skills... yeah ...BETTER !!! LOL !!!!
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