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Section 6 sectionals

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Was just checking out brackets online and I don’t see Daghestani in the 170 bracket. What’s up with that?
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Wow he would win states hope everything is OK

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Dr wouldn’t clear him to wrestle at skin check despite having a note from a dermatologist that it was an insect bite. I certainly hope the right thing happens and he is awarded a wild card to states

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I am going to reply to this and try to keep it as positive as possible.

Adam is like family in my home, and the situation that unfolded saturday was a disaster. I am still very upset about the way section 6 handled the situation and i hope that as more news breaks about it we can move forward with some changes for the better. It is also a black eye on the medical community. My father works and is very close with the top sports doctors in the area and to have printed in the buffalo news that a wrestler was withheld from a tournament due to a misdiagnosis is embarrassing. These doctors work very hard to keep kids healthy and they take pride in there careers and something like this not fair to the work they put in. I was fortunate to have a wonderful orthopedic surgeon who i took care of my kids ( 3 kids , 3 knee surgerys in less than a year) and he cared and always wanted the best for my kids. So i really took this situation personally from a few different perspectives.

Adam was flagged for a bump on the back of his knee, and sent over to have the (doctor? ) check it. first off, i think if an official has a question about skin, this is absolutely what they should have done. This is why the (doctor?) is there. Here is where everything started to break down. The doctor from what i can gather was inconclusive to what it was and determined adam not eligible to wrestle. So this immediately started a panic from our coaches, rightfully so. As they went to try to figure out what the next step was another wrestler was flagged and the doctor determined him ineligible to wrestle. This wrestler had a signed nysphsaa form filled out, met all the nys requirements and was still told he could not wrestle. During this time there was a confrontation about it and at some point the officials made a comment they are not sending anyone else over to the doctor and after that comment and the confrontation the doctor left. So i was told by multiple wrestlers not all the kids were even properly skin checked at that point and the officials just let everyone else go to try and not escalate the issue.

After this breakdown multiple coaches got together, and i was told were willing to pay to have another doctor come down for second opinions and were even willing to push the start time of the tournament back. They wanted to get the decision right and they knew that what transpired needed to be corrected. Sound like the right thing to do. But section 6 and there representatives said the doctors word is final and wanted no part in trying to get the decision right.

Now i have 2 problems. First, these sections 6 representatives are there to advocate for our kids. They wanted no part of making a decision in the best interest of the kids and only wanted to cover there own asses. Within 2 hours adam had a diagnosis of a bug bite from 2 separate doctors and was back in time to wrestle his first match. Section 6 did nothing to help this young man out. And to make matters worse his father was told that section 6 would not (fight) for him against themselves, and if he wanted to pursue a case to challenge it he would have to do it on his own. WOW. You accept the position as a rep and you sit up behind that desk and when it comes time to make a decision you want no part of standing up for the athletes you represent. They should be ashamed because these kids deserve better. My son was improperly flagged as a seventh grader and it cost him points which could have put him in the wildcard hunt the past two years.

Second, normally according to my sons, they have 2 doctors on hand at the class and sectional meets, in this case there was only one. And who are these doctors? Section 6 is refusing to disclose who the doctor was. A doctor whom section 6 hired (thru taxpayer money) and deemed qualified, who is making a medical decision (diagnosis) about an athlete that has potential impacts on there final careers. And we have been told they will not disclose his name. That is an absolutley false statement to cover there butts. who did they hire? Is he a general doctor? What are his qualifications? How is it ok that a general doctor is over ruling a dermatologist who specializes in skin conditions and properly filled out a nys health form clearing an athlete? So ever since that 7th grade year i take both my boys to an independent dermatologist before every big meet to have that nys health skin form filled out so i dont have an issue, but now it seems that is a waste because a section 6 rep is going to let the doctor make the final call anyway because they want to cover there own butts? There should be a licensed dermatologist there to make these decisions and nothing less.

It is not hard to schedule a dermatologist to be present at skin checks. We should not accept anyone less. These 2 athletes were done a great disservice and while numerous coaches and parents tried to advocate and help them, greater minds did not prevail with our section 6 representatives. It was more important for them to pass the buck and pretend they couldnt help.

In my opinion section 6 needs to nothing less than make this right by granting adam a seat in the state tournament. And by doing that i do not feel section 6 should lose a wildcard spot for there mistake. I also feel this other athlete should be granted a spot in the state tournament. He was denied the chance to compete as a senior after doing everything the right way. Section 6 and the nysphsaa needs to make this right!!!!!

Moving forward i hope that changes can be made to prevent this from happening again as these athletes, there coaches and parents work very hard to give these kids opportunities to be better athletes and people. This was a epic fail that overshadowed a very well run tournament that showcased some great wrestling.

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This is big.

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its GREAT to see Adam Daghestani got the wild card now everyone can watch him win it he deserves it
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