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Coach Murray and Brockport wrestling needs help

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I am coming out of retirement. Reading what has been going on with Brockport and Coach Murray makes me sick. While he may have made the mistake of not trying to recruit me (another at the time local college did, only to fall victim to Title IV. ) I do support him.

Coach Murray is an icon in the Rochester area. You never knew where he was going to show up. I think everyone has learned not to talk about him in the menís room, because he was always behind you.

All joking aside, that is the way he takes care of his wrestlers. He makes sure they are safe and eligible and the wrestlers never know where he will be. The way the college is treating him after 50 years is unconscionable.

Please write, Email, call Brockport, because what is happening is if they get Coach out, they drop wrestling. Any info you may have, PM me, I will forward to alumni to help them

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Totally agree with you here and hope that Coach Murray knows how much support he has in the wrestling community. The man has done a lot to help wrestlers, coaches, and the sport itself for many years and shouldn't be persecuted for whatever the circumstances are here. He has a 50 year record of contributions to our sport - not many can say that.
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