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TITLE 9 (a.k.a bull****)

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kylesaloneatl wrote:

I guess i had better think twice about donating finals singlets
to our high school wrestling team they may be out dated by the
time they get to use them if somebody thinks this is unequal.

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Wow, I really don't think that it's necessary to cut boys sports so that they can creat girls sports. In actuallity they are making the girls have more sports programs and cutting the boys, so they are just reversing everything. They are solving one problem and creating another, Title 9 is pointless
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A billboard that isn't gender equal. Thats a new one.

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I love how when a college needs to cut a boys team the first one they turn to is wresting...so stupid

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This is one of the most irksome things I've watched in a while. "Cuz that's what the law says." Well, rewrite the facking law? and $900 an HOUR? What good is she doing? Nothing worth $900 an hour... Jeeze.

And those twins in softball deserve the initial result. They shouldn't get anything for being bratty, prissy, little... Grr. It's called Fundraising. Do some.

Title IX isn't a bad concept, but those who carry out the law are so inept and so close-minded they warp and misinterpret it and it hurts everyone involved.
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Unfortunately, this is another case of one group trying to make themselves better at someone else's expense.

At the college level, many sports are cut so that the school can go division I with big sports (basketball, both boys and girls, and football) Albany State produced a Olympic Champ in wrestling, but cut both wrestling and mens and womens swimming to go division I in football and mens and womens basketball.

I am a big football fan, but a community college supported with tax dollars, does not need to recruit around the country for athletes while cutting less money making sports.

In the high school case, we need a strong attorney to take the case and line up all the numbers including all the clubs, drama, music, and theater groups. Facilities and monies are given to these groups too. I am sure that the auditorium costs as much as the football field.

The real fact is that we want all our kids, both boys and girls to be strong, happy and successful, and to have these choices as adults. Success and strength are built, not stolen from others.

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BD wrote:
Albany State produced a Olympic Champ in wrestling, but cut both wrestling and mens and womens swimming to go division I in football and mens and womens basketball..

I get your point, but if Albany State hadn't been around when this guy was looking for a college, someone else would've picked him up, and they would now benefit from having an Olympic champ as an alumni. If that's what this comes to - the free market at work - then so be it. Schools that don't want to cater to wrestlers will be ignored by wrestlers, to the benefit of schools that market to us. It may mean fewer schools from which our kids may choose, but at least those schools will appreciate us.
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