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Justin Brown

2011-12 1-1-0 1-1 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 1:53 ---
2012-13 0-1-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-1 0-0 0 --- ---

Date Weight Event Opponent WLT Result
Jan 28, 2012 195 lbs Coach Ken Baker Classic Tyler Winters (Maple Hill [NY]) WIN FALL 1:53
Feb 10-11, 2012 195 lbs NYSPHSAA Section II Wrestling Championships and State Qualifier Zeby Romano (Watervliet [NY]) LOSS FALL 4:04
Jan 26, 2013 195 lbs Coach Ken Baker Classic Patrick Barber (Hadley-Luzerne-Lake George [NY]) LOSS DEC 8-7
* Reported matches only.

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61% Chris Brown (Springfield College [MA])
61% Chris Brown (SUNY Cortland [NY])
61% Chris Brown (Gow [NY])
61% Chris Brown (Old Dominion University [VA])
61% Craig Brown (Randolph [NY])
61% Craig Brown (Lake Shore [NY])
61% David Brown (Hermon-DeKalb [NY])
61% Deric Brown (Oswayo Valley [PA])
61% Deven Brown (Muskegon Community College [MI])
61% Devon Brown (Shamrock [NY])
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59% Brown (Glens Falls [NY])
59% Brown (Ichabod Crane [NY])
59% Brown (Canajoharie/Fort Plain [NY])
59% Nathaniel Brown (Watkins Glen [NY])
59% Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh University [PA])
58% Amarri Brown (Alfred State College [NY])
58% Amarri Brown (Maryvale [NY])
58% Andrew Brown (Watkins Glen [NY])
58% Connor Brown (Champlain Valley Union [VT])
58% Connor Brown (Williamson [PA])
58% Daniel Brown (Wilkes University [PA])
58% Darren Brown (Kane [PA])
58% Dennis Brown (Williamsville [NY])
58% Dennis Brown (Niagara Falls [NY])
58% Dennis Brown (Cassadaga Valley [NY])
58% Dennis Brown (Lake Shore [NY])
58% Hunter Byron (Williamson [NY])
58% Jalen Barron (Liverpool [NY])
58% Jason Barnum (Lyndonville [NY])
58% Jeremy Brown (Alexander [NY])
58% Mikail Brown (Greene [NY])
58% Reilly Brown (Cortland [NY])
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55% Kyle Brown (Schoharie [NY])
55% Kyle Brown (Thiel College [PA])
55% Kyle Brown (Clarence [NY])
55% Matt Brion (North Rose-Wolcott [NY])
55% Nick Baron (Tonawanda [NY])
55% Sam Browne (Alexander [NY])
55% Zach Brown (Newfane [NY])
55% Zach Brown (Sandy Creek [NY])
55% Zack Brown (Newfane [NY])
55% Zack Brown (Penfield [NY])
54% Brandon Browne (University of Nebraska, Lincoln [NED])
54% Cameron Browne (University of Nebraska, Lincoln [NED])
54% Clarence Brown (Franklin (Rochester) [NY])
54% Dae'Sean Brown (Johnson and Wales University [RI])
54% Jeffrey Browne (Connetquot [NY])
54% Jennings Bryan (Franklinville [NY])
54% Jonathan Bruno (Xavier [NY])
54% Vincent Barron (Belmont [NY])
53% A Biron (Johnstown [NY])
52% Corey Brown (Thiel College [PA])
52% Derek Brown (Salamanca [NY])
52% Devin Bruno (Springville-Griffith [NY])
52% Geno Barone (Starpoint [NY])
52% Geoff Brown (Spencerport [NY])
52% Jake Barone (Starpoint [NY])
52% James Brain (Minisink Valley [NY])
52% Josh Bourne (Long Beach [NY])
52% Kevin Bruno (Peru [NY])
52% Lamar Brown (Rutgers University [NJ])
52% Larry Brown (Longwood [NY])
52% Mason Bryne (Mercyhurst College, North East [PA])
52% Mason Byrne (Mercyhurst College, North East [PA])
52% Rossi Bruno (Florida [FL])
52% Terry Brown (Hilton [NY])
52% Terry Brown (Randolph [NY])
52% Terry Brown (Bishop Kearney [NY])
52% Tyler Brown (Indian River [NY])
52% Tyler Brown (Corcoran [NY])
52% Woody Brown (Youngsville [PA])
50% George Brown (Pavilion [NY])
50% Irwin Berman (Herricks [NY])
50% Jacob Barone (Starpoint [NY])
50% James Barnum (Wayland-Cohocton [NY])
50% James Barnum (Bolivar-Richburg [NY])
50% Jeremy Byron (Marathon [NY])
50% Jess Brennan (Le Roy [NY])
50% John Brennan (Pittsford Mendon [NY])
50% John Brennan (Pittsford [NY])
50% John Brennan (Franklinville [NY])
50% Joseph Byrne (Scotia-Glenville [NY])
50% Kerwin Brian (Wilson [NY])
50% Nathan Bourn (Granville [NY])
50% Ron Bowerman (Victor [NY])
50% Taylor Brown (Emmaus [PA])
50% Tyrese Byron (Long Beach [NY])
48% Aiden Breheny (Ballston Spa [NY])
48% Bill Bowerman (Victor [NY])
48% Bob Baron (Genesee Community College [NY])
48% Bob Brawn (Brockport [NY])
48% Brandon Brwun (Livonia [NY])
48% Don Byrne (Lindenhurst [NY])
48% Gregory Brown (Webster Thomas [NY])
48% Isaiah Barney (Oswayo Valley [PA])
48% Jesse Brennah (Le Roy [NY])
48% Jesse Brennan (Le Roy [NY])
48% Jim Briem (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [NY])
48% Pat Bryne (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
48% Pat Byrne (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
48% Patrick Byrne (Greece Arcadia [NY])
48% Patrick Byrne (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
48% Ryan Burn (Clarence [NY])
48% Sam Baron (Ridgefield [CT])
48% Stephen Breen (Fayetteville-Manlius [NY])
48% Tom Brawn (Brockport [NY])
48% Vic Baran (Eisenhower [PA])
47% Biron (Johnstown [NY])
46% Daiquan Burney (Sweet Home [NY])
46% Darnell Barron (Campbell-Savona [NY])
46% Jordan Brennon (Pine Richland [PA])
45% Adam Biron (Johnstown [NY])
45% Ali Berman (Lackawanna [NY])
45% Andy Brien (East Rochester [NY])
45% Clay Baron (Caledonia-Mumford [NY])
45% Erik Bruno (Michael J. Petrides [NY])
45% J.T. Breen (Waterford [NY])
45% Jake Byrne (Holy Trinity [NY])
45% Jerz Brian (Lockport [NY])
45% Joe Brenon (Sweet Home [NY])
45% Mark Baron (Chaminade [NY])
45% Mike Braun (Livonia [NY])
45% Mike Brien (East Rochester [NY])
45% Mike Byrne (Minisink Valley [NY])
45% Tony Bruno (Brockport [NY])
44% Daiquann Burney (Sweet Home [NY])
44% Daiqwann Burney (Sweet Home [NY])
43% Chris Bruno (Peru [NY])
43% David Buran (Albany Academy [NY])
43% Don Brennan (Canisteo [NY])
43% Don Burnham (Marshall (Rochester) [NY])
43% Frank Borna (Odessa-Montour [NY])
43% Franz Brian (Nichols [NY])
43% Glenn Breen (Ogdensburg Free Academy [NY])
43% Jacob Breen (North Rose-Wolcott [NY])
43% Jake Brauen (Hamburg [NY])
43% Jared Bruno (Queensbury [NY])
43% Jeff Bernie (Olean [NY])
43% Jeff Burney (Olean [NY])
43% Joe Brennan (Ithaca [NY])
43% Matt Bohren (University of Central Florida [FL])
43% Mike Bourne (Wayne [NY])
43% Mike Brauen (Pioneer [NY])
43% Mikey Bruno (Putnam Valley [NY])
43% Richard Bowerman (Wayne [NY])
43% Richard Bowerman (Monroe (Rochester) [NY])
43% Zach Barron (Vestal [NY])
42% Bryan Bourne (Spencerport [NY])
42% Chris Bourne (East Rochester [NY])
42% Chris Braman (Maple Hill [NY])
42% Darren Breen (SUNY Brockport [NY])
42% Darren Breen (Liverpool [NY])
42% Jake Boerman (Fairport [NY])
42% Jamel Burney (Olean [NY])
42% Malik Burney (Olean [NY])
42% Mike Boerman (Marion [NY])
42% Rick Brennen (Niagara Wheatfield [NY])
42% Ryan Brennan (Hamburg [NY])
42% Ryan Brennon (Hamburg [NY])
42% Shawn Berman (Albany [NY])
42% Wayne Bourne (Milton [VT])
40% Alexis Barney (Franklin Academy [NY])
40% Brandon Braun (Livonia [NY])
40% Brandon Bryne (University of Maryland, College Park [MD])
40% Brendan Byrne (University of Maryland, College Park [MD])
40% Casey Brennan (Central Square [NY])
40% Dylan Brennan (Troy [PA])
40% Haisem Berhan (East Irondequoit Eastridge [NY])
40% Halsem Berhan (East Irondequoit Eastridge [NY])
40% Luke Borneman (Cumberland University [TN])
40% Steve Brannan (Marion [NY])
40% Tim Brem (Elk Christian [PA])
38% Sam Braun (St. Joseph's [NY])
38% Tom Braun (Tappan Zee [NY])
38% Tre Bruni (Sodus [NY])
37% Anthony Brennan (Vernon-Verona-Sherrill [NY])
37% Brandon Burnham (Cicero-North Syracuse [NY])
37% Macenzie Burran (Williamson [PA])
37% Michael Boerman (Marion [NY])
36% Al "Buzzo" Bruno (SUNY Geneseo [NY])
36% Bill Brehm (Hamburg [NY])
36% Brad Braun (Livonia [NY])
36% Dave Bruni (West High (Rochester) [NY])
36% Kody Bruno (Hudson Falls [NY])
36% Kody Bruno (Queensbury [NY])
36% Kyle Bourn (Walton [NY])
36% Mackenzie Burren (Williamson [PA])
36% Mark Braun (Livonia [NY])
36% Tom Burney (Batavia [NY])
36% Trey Bruni (Sodus [NY])
35% Brady Baron (Pittsford [NY])
35% Brett Baron (Caledonia-Mumford [NY])
35% Brian (Harvard University [MA])
35% Bruno (Peru [NY])
35% Buran (Albany Academy [NY])
35% Kregg Bruno (Peru [NY])
35% Radka Brian (Panama [NY])
35% Shawn Barma (Wilson [NY])
35% Trey Bruney (Sodus [NY])
34% Clarence Berryman (Oklahoma A&M College [OK])
33% Barney (Penfield [NY])
33% Brehan (Starpoint [NY])
33% Cody Burnham (Odessa-Montour [NY])
33% Dave Brennan (Pavilion [NY])
33% Derek Brenon (Ithaca College [NY])
33% Derek Brenon (Watertown Immaculate Heart [NY])
33% Mark Brennan (Williamson [PA])
33% Shawnn Barma (Wilson [NY])
33% Zack Brennan (Cohoes [NY])
32% Robert Burham (Panama [NY])
32% Tyler Branham (The College of New Jersey [NJ])
31% Dooley Brennan (Franklinville [NY])
30% Roberge Brennan (Fulton [NY])
29% Brenneman (St. Bonaventure University [NY])
26% Tyler Brahm (Marcus Whitman [NY])
26% Tyler Brehm (Starpoint [NY])