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Buffalo YMCA Invitational Wrestling Tournament

Wrestling Tournament
@ Central YMCA of Buffalo (Buffalo, New York)
Saturday, January 30, 1926

Wrestlers in Y Meet Tonight
Wrestlers in Y Meet Tonight
Buffalo pins its hopes on the above trio in the international wrestling tournament: Walter Switzer, Leonard Cary, Ernest Schultz. SOURCE: Buffalo Evening News, January 30, 1926.

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Open (Level: Club/Other, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Alfred University [NY], Central YMCA of Buffalo [NY], Cornell University [NY], Jamestown YMCA [NY], Olean YMCA [NY], University of Toronto [ON]
Team Final
1. Central YMCA of Buffalo [NY]  21 points
2. University of Toronto [ON]  18
3. Olean YMCA [NY]  8
4. Alfred University [NY]  6
Jamestown YMCA [NY]  6
6. Cornell University [NY]  0
Championship Final (1st)
115 lbs: Leonard Cary (Central YMCA of Buffalo [NY]) > Daniel Caruso (Alfred University [NY]), TD 5:00
125 lbs: J. McKechan (University of Toronto [ON]) > Young Brundage (Olean YMCA [NY]), FALL 2:08
135 lbs: G. Lawrence (University of Toronto [ON]), NA 
145 lbs: Nick DiAddario (Central YMCA of Buffalo [NY]) > Paul Kelley (Alfred University [NY]), FALL time?
158 lbs: R. Priestley (University of Toronto [ON]), NA 
175 lbs: Francis W. Anderson (Central YMCA of Buffalo [NY]), NA 
HWT: Chet Johnson (Olean YMCA [NY]) > Thomas Barish (Jamestown YMCA [NY]), FALL 2:00

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