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Dartmouth College [NH] vs. Union College [NY]

Wrestling Dual Meet
@ Union College (Schenectady, New York)
Saturday, January 22, 1972

Springfield Romps In Union Mat Test
Springfield Romps In Union Mat Test
Mighty Springfield College yielded only 27 points in three matches to overpower Union, Dartmouth and Hobart in a quadrangular wrestling meet Saturday in Alumni gym. SOURCE: Schenectady Gazette, January 24, 1972.

Album: General

Springfield Romps In Union Mat Test

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Box Scores
Dartmouth College [NH] 22, Union College [NY] 14
118 lbs: Ryan (Dartmouth College [NH]), FFT 
126 lbs: Mark Zullo (Union College [NY]) > Lagnesa (Dartmouth College [NH]), DEC 13-4
134 lbs: Lehigh (Dartmouth College [NH]) > Bruce Freeman (Union College [NY]), DEC 4-0
142 lbs: Bill Elliott (Dartmouth College [NH]) > Larry D'Agostino (Union College [NY]), DEC 11-5
150 lbs: Morelli (Dartmouth College [NH]) > Ross (Union College [NY]), DEC 4-0
158 lbs: Jeff White (Union College [NY]) > Douglas (Dartmouth College [NH]), DEC 3-1
167 lbs: Gary Guerny (Union College [NY]) > Robinowitz (Dartmouth College [NH]), DEC 4-0
177 lbs: Ted Thompson (Dartmouth College [NH]) > Gary Morris (Union College [NY]), FALL 5:31
190 lbs: Pat Wardell (Union College [NY]) > Conterato (Dartmouth College [NH]), TIE 3-3
HWT: Howard Benedict (Union College [NY]) > Chuck Estin (Dartmouth College [NH]), DEC 1-0

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