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NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Palace of Auburn Hills (Auburn Hills, Michigan)
Thursday-Saturday, March 15-17, 2007

National Champion
National Champion
Edinboro true sophomore Gregor Gillespie celebrates after capturing the 149-pound title. Gillespie defeated Michigan's Josh Churella (blue uniform) with a 3-1 sudden victory decision. Photo by Larry Slater.

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National Champion 2007 NCAA Wrestling Championships

Varsity Men (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
American University [DC], Appalachian State University [NC], Arizona State University [AZ], Binghamton University [NY], Bloomsburg University [PA], Boise State University [ID], Boston University [MA], Brown University [RI], Bucknell University [PA], California Polytechnic State University [CA], California State University, Bakersfield [CA], California State University, Fullerton [CA], Central Michigan University [MI], Clarion University [PA], Cleveland State University [OH], Columbia University [NY], Cornell University [NY], Drexel University [PA], Duquesne University [PA], Eastern Illinois University [IL], Eastern Michigan University [MI], Edinboro University [PA], Gardner-Webb University [NC], Harvard University [MA], Hofstra University [NY], Indiana University, Bloomington [IN], Iowa State University [IA], Kent State University [OH], Lehigh University [PA], Liberty University [VA], Lock Haven University [PA], Michigan State University [MI], Millersville University [PA], North Carolina State University [NC], North Dakota State University [ND], Northern Illinois University [IL], Northwestern University [IL], Ohio State University [OH], Ohio University [OH], Oklahoma State University [OK], Old Dominion University [VA], Oregon State University [OR], Pennsylvania State University [PA], Purdue University [IN], Rider University [NJ], Sacred Heart University [CT], South Dakota State University [SD], Stanford University [CA], U.S. Military Academy [NY], U.S. Naval Academy [MD], University at Buffalo [NY], University of California, Davis [CA], University of Illinois, Champaign [IL], University of Iowa [IA], University of Maryland, College Park [MD], University of Michigan [MI], University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN], University of Missouri, Columbia [MO], University of Nebraska, Lincoln [NED], University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [NC], University of North Carolina at Greensboro [NC], University of Northern Colorado [CO], University of Northern Iowa [IA], University of Oklahoma [OK], University of Oregon [OR], University of Pennsylvania [PA], University of Pittsburgh [PA], University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [TN], University of Virginia [VA], University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI], University of Wyoming [WY], Virgina Tech [VA], Virginia Military Institute [VA], West Virginia University [WV]
Team Final
1. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]  98 points
2. Iowa State University [IA]  88.5
3. University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]  80
4. Northwestern University [IL]  71.5
5. Oklahoma State University [OK]  69
6. University of Michigan [MI]  62
7. Hofstra University [NY]  60.5
8. University of Iowa [IA]  57
9. Edinboro University [PA]  56
10. Ohio State University [OH]  54.5
11. Pennsylvania State University [PA]  54
12. Cornell University [NY]  47
13. University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]  45.5
14. Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]  41
15. Central Michigan University [MI]  37
16. University of Nebraska, Lincoln [NED]  34.5
17. American University [DC]  33
18. U.S. Naval Academy [MD]  32
19. University of Illinois, Champaign [IL]  31
20. University of Pittsburgh [PA]  30
21. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [TN]  29.5
22. Harvard University [MA]  29
University of California, Davis [CA]  29
University of Oklahoma [OK]  29
25. University of Pennsylvania [PA]  28
26. Oregon State University [OR]  22
27. California Polytechnic State University [CA]  21.5
28. West Virginia University [WV]  21
29. Michigan State University [MI]  19.5
30. Rider University [NJ]  17.5
31. California State University, Fullerton [CA]  16.5
32. Stanford University [CA]  16
33. Lock Haven University [PA]  15.5
34. Arizona State University [AZ]  12.5
University of Maryland, College Park [MD]  12.5
University of Northern Iowa [IA]  12.5
37. Bloomsburg University [PA]  10.5
38. Lehigh University [PA]  10
North Carolina State University [NC]  10
40. Drexel University [PA]  8.5
Sacred Heart University [CT]  8.5
42. Bucknell University [PA]  8
Purdue University [IN]  8
44. California State University, Bakersfield [CA]  7
Columbia University [NY]  7
Northern Illinois University [IL]  7
47. University of Virginia [VA]  4
48. Kent State University [OH]  3.5
49. Appalachian State University [NC]  3
Cleveland State University [OH]  3
Liberty University [VA]  3
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [NC]  3
53. U.S. Military Academy [NY]  2.5
54. Boise State University [ID]  2
Eastern Illinois University [IL]  2
Gardner-Webb University [NC]  2
Old Dominion University [VA]  2
University of Northern Colorado [CO]  2
Virginia Military Institute [VA]  2
60. University at Buffalo [NY]  1
University of North Carolina at Greensboro [NC]  1
Virgina Tech [VA]  1
63. Boston University [MA]  0.5
North Dakota State University [ND]  0.5
65. Binghamton University [NY]  0
Brown University [RI]  0
Clarion University [PA]  0
Duquesne University [PA]  0
Eastern Michigan University [MI]  0
Millersville University [PA]  0
Ohio University [OH]  0
South Dakota State University [SD]  0
University of Oregon [OR]  0
University of Wyoming [WY]  0
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Derek Moore (University of California, Davis [CA], 141 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Paul Donahoe (University of Nebraska, Lincoln [NED]) > Sam Hazewinkel (University of Oklahoma [OK]), OTD 3-1 (1OT)
133 lbs: Matthew Valenti (University of Pennsylvania [PA]) > Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State University [OK]), DEC 4-2
141 lbs: Derek Moore (University of California, Davis [CA]) > Ryan Lang (Northwestern University [IL]), TF 17-2/5:41
149 lbs: Gregor Gillespie (Edinboro University [PA]) > Josh Churella (University of Michigan [MI]), OTD 3-1 (1OT)
157 lbs: Trent Paulson (Iowa State University [IA]) > Craig Henning (University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]), DEC 6-4
165 lbs: Mark Perry (University of Iowa [IA]) > Johny Hendricks (Oklahoma State University [OK]), DEC 4-3
174 lbs: Ben Askren (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Keith Gavin (University of Pittsburgh [PA]), DEC 8-2
184 lbs: Jake Herbert (Northwestern University [IL]) > Jake Varner (Iowa State University [IA]), DEC 6-1
197 lbs: Joshua Glenn (American University [DC]) > Kurt Backes (Iowa State University [IA]), OTD 6-4 (1OT)
285 lbs: Cole Konrad (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]) > Aaron Anspach (Pennsylvania State University [PA]), FALL 1:53
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Troy Nickerson (Cornell University [NY]) > Angel Escobedo (Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]), DEC 3-0
133 lbs: Nick Simmons (Michigan State University [MI]) > Matt Keller (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [TN]), MD 8-0
141 lbs: Charles Griffin (Hofstra University [NY]) > Nathan Morgan (Oklahoma State University [OK]), DEC 6-2
149 lbs: Dustin Schlatter (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]) > Lance Palmer (Ohio State University [OH]), DEC 1-0
157 lbs: Mike Poeta (University of Illinois, Champaign [IL]) > James Strouse (Hofstra University [NY]), OTC 2-1 (1OT)
165 lbs: Matt Pell (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Eric Tannenbaum (University of Michigan [MI]), FALL 3:15
174 lbs: Eric Luedke (University of Iowa [IA]) > Matthew Stolpinski (U.S. Naval Academy [MD]), DEC 3-2
184 lbs: Roger Kish (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]) > Alex Clemsen (Edinboro University [PA]), DEC 3-2
197 lbs: Chris Weidman (Hofstra University [NY]) > J.D. Bergman (Ohio State University [OH]), DEC 5-4
285 lbs: Dustin Fox (Northwestern University [IL]) > Ty Watterson (Oregon State University [OR]), DEC 4-0
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Jayson Ness (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]) > Obenson Blanc (Lock Haven University [PA]), FALL 1:00
133 lbs: Darrell Vasquez (California Polytechnic State University [CA]) > Tyler McCormick (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]), DEC 7-4
141 lbs: Don Fisch (Rider University [NJ]) > Brandon Rader (West Virginia University [WV]), FALL 4:42
149 lbs: J.P. O'Connor (Harvard University [MA]) > Tyler Turner (University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]), DEC 6-4
157 lbs: Matt Kocher (University of Pittsburgh [PA]) > C.P. Schlatter (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]), DEC 2-1
165 lbs: Travis Paulson (Iowa State University [IA]) > Michael Patrovich (Hofstra University [NY]), DEC 5-4
174 lbs: Brandon Mason (Oklahoma State University [OK]) > Steve Luke (University of Michigan [MI]), DEC 1-0
184 lbs: Tyrel Todd (University of Michigan [MI]) > Mike Pucillo (Ohio State University [OH]), FALL 4:34
197 lbs: Phil Davis (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Jerry Rinaldi (Cornell University [NY]), DEC 8-4
285 lbs: Bubba Gritter (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Wade Sauer (California State University, Fullerton [CA]), DEC 9-6
Consolation Final (7th)
125 lbs: Tanner Gardner (Stanford University [CA]) > Charlie Falck (University of Iowa [IA]), FALL 2:41
133 lbs: Jake Strayer (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Andrae Hernandez (Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]), FALL 2:38
141 lbs: J Jaggers (Ohio State University [OH]) > Max Melzter (Harvard University [MA]), DEC 7-1
149 lbs: Matt Coughlin (Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]) > Jordan Leen (Cornell University [NY]), DEC 11-6
157 lbs: Josh Zupancic (Stanford University [CA]) > Ryan Hluschak (Drexel University [PA]), OTC 11-10 (1OT)
165 lbs: Deonte Penn (Edinboro University [PA]) > Mike Miller (Central Michigan University [MI]), FALL 4:55
174 lbs: Brandon Sinnott (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Matt Palmer (Columbia University [NY]), DEC 7-3
184 lbs: Louis Caputo (Harvard University [MA]) > Josh Arnone (Cornell University [NY]), DEC 2-0
197 lbs: Mike Tamillow (Northwestern University [IL]) > Nick Roy (University of Michigan [MI]), DEC 7-3
285 lbs: Payam Zarrinpour (Sacred Heart University [CT]) > Mike Spaid (Bloomsburg University [PA]), DEC 11-8

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