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31st Annual Webster Warrior Wrestling Classic

Wrestling Tournament
@ Webster Schroeder Junior High School (Webster, New York)
Saturday, December 21, 1996

Webster Classic
Webster Classic
The host school took team honors at the Webster Classic. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, December 22, 1996. Reproduced by with permission.

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Webster Classic

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Dansville [NY], East High (Rochester) [NY], East Rochester [NY], Geneva [NY], Livonia [NY], Marcus Whitman [NY], Pittsford [NY], Webster [NY]
Team Final
1. Webster [NY]  164 points
2. Dansville [NY]  127
3. Livonia [NY]  108.5
4. East High (Rochester) [NY]  106
5. Pittsford [NY]  103.5
6. Geneva [NY]  94
7. Marcus Whitman [NY]  91.5
8. East Rochester [NY]  74.5
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Nate Kysor (Dansville [NY], 145 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
96 lbs: Benny Sortino (Webster [NY]) > Troy Forte (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 10-8
103 lbs: Dave Hadden (Geneva [NY]) > Travis Proctor (Livonia [NY]), MD 14-3
112 lbs: Mike Foster (Dansville [NY]) > Jeff Pilosi (Webster [NY]), DEC 5-0
119 lbs: Paul Taylor (Geneva [NY]) > Bobby Strassner (Livonia [NY]), MD 12-4
125 lbs: Chad Reissig (Geneva [NY]) > Jake Ressinger (Dansville [NY]), MD 15-1
130 lbs: Chris Kemp (Pittsford [NY]) > Paul Steinberg (East High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 5-2
135 lbs: Taylor Collins (Pittsford [NY]) > Brian Lippens (Dansville [NY]), MD 14-1
140 lbs: Keith Pittinaro (East Rochester [NY]) > Jason Forte (Pittsford [NY]), MD 15-1
145 lbs: Nate Kysor (Dansville [NY]) > Keith Arnold (East Rochester [NY]), FALL 1:47
152 lbs: Jim Ziegler (Webster [NY]) > Jason Craw (Livonia [NY]), DEC 6-4
160 lbs: Pat Pendelton (Marcus Whitman [NY]) > Brendan Callan (Webster [NY]), FALL 1:47
171 lbs: Shawn Kazmark (Marcus Whitman [NY]) > Ryan Senft (Webster [NY]), FALL 5:59
189 lbs: Justin Giffi (Webster [NY]) > Wilfredo Martinez (East High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 5-2
220 lbs: Mark Altobelli (Livonia [NY]) > Tom Jamison (Dansville [NY]), DEC 4-1
275 lbs: Shcharansky Carr (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Kevin Lightfoote (Marcus Whitman [NY]), FALL 2:57

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