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18th Annual Webster Warrior Wrestling Classic

Wrestling Tournament
@ Webster Schroeder Junior High School (Webster, New York)
Saturday, December 17, 1983

Webster Classic
Webster Classic
Eight wrestlers from the host team advanced into the championship round as Webster outpointed its nearest rival by more than 40 points. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, December 18, 1983. Reproduced by with permission.

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Webster Classic

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Geneva [NY], Greece Athena [NY], Newark [NY], Pittsford [NY], Sodus [NY], Tonawanda [NY], Webster [NY]
Team Final
1. Webster [NY]  145.5 points
2. Greece Athena [NY]  102
3. Geneva [NY]  96.5
4. Tonawanda [NY]  94
5. Pittsford [NY]  71
6. Sodus [NY]  66.5
7. Newark [NY]  47
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Paul Peterson (Sodus [NY], 138 lbs)
91 lbs: 4. Brian Choffin (Geneva [NY])
177 lbs: 4. Cardell McKoy (Geneva [NY])
Championship Final (1st)
91 lbs: Ilias Diakomihalis (Greece Athena [NY]) > Anthony Forgione (Webster [NY]), DEC 9-4
98 lbs: Sam Baritella (Webster [NY]) > John Pichardt (Pittsford [NY]), FALL 1:05
105 lbs: Mark Concordia (Webster [NY]) > Brad Salmon (Tonawanda [NY]), FALL 1:10
112 lbs: John Williams (Geneva [NY]) > Todd Jenner (Webster [NY]), DEC 12-8
119 lbs: Scott Allen (Tonawanda [NY]) > Kevin Bishop (Greece Athena [NY]), DEC 2-1
126 lbs: Mark Regala (Tonawanda [NY]) > Mark Miller (Greece Athena [NY]), FALL 3:18
132 lbs: Tony LaDuca (Webster [NY]) > Mark McKay (Sodus [NY]), SD 16-2
138 lbs: Paul Peterson (Sodus [NY]) > Heath Strickland (Webster [NY]), MD 16-4
145 lbs: Sean Yengo (Webster [NY]) > Dennis Caylor (Tonawanda [NY]), FALL 2:33
155 lbs: Dave Rizzo (Greece Athena [NY]) > Bill Crowell (Sodus [NY]), DEC 4-1
167 lbs: Pete Zajkowski (Pittsford [NY]) > Santos Rivera (Geneva [NY]), DEC 8-6
177 lbs: Jeff Camp (Pittsford [NY]) > Mike Gublo (Greece Athena [NY]), FALL 3:44
215 lbs: Joe Aloi (Webster [NY]) > Joe Beniamino (Geneva [NY]), FALL 0:54
250 lbs: Bill Palmer (Geneva [NY]) > Neil Gates (Newark [NY]), FALL 1:30
Consolation Final (3rd)
105 lbs: Kyle Salone (Geneva [NY]) > Greg Priebe (Newark [NY]), NA 
119 lbs: Neil Gates (Newark [NY]) > Eric Baist (Sodus [NY]), NA 
126 lbs: Vaughn Peterson (Sodus [NY]), NA 
138 lbs: Steve Parker (Geneva [NY]), NA 
145 lbs: Bob Rowley (Sodus [NY]), NA 
155 lbs: Matt Watt (Geneva [NY]), NA 


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