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17th Annual Penfield Holiday Wrestling Tournament

Wrestling Tournament
@ Penfield High School (Penfield, New York)
Saturday, December 17, 1983

Brockport captures Penfield tournament with four champions
Brockport captures Penfield tournament with four champions
Brockport, the third-ranked team in the Democrat and Chronicle's pre-season coaches poll, won four individual titles en route to claiming the Penfield Christmas high school wrestling tournament last night. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, December 18, 1983. Reproduced by with permission.

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Brockport captures Penfield tournament with four champions Four matmen win titles

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Bishop Kearney [NY], Brockport [NY], Cardinal Mooney [NY], Fairport [NY], Hilton [NY], Holy Cross [CT], Penfield [NY], Wayne [NY]
Team Final
1. Brockport [NY]  194 points
2. Hilton [NY]  126.5
3. Fairport [NY]  118
4. Cardinal Mooney [NY]  88
5. Penfield [NY]  69
6. Holy Cross [CT]  60
7. Bishop Kearney [NY]  18
8. Wayne [NY]  0
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Nick Whitcomb (Fairport [NY], 145 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
98 lbs: Dave Pitoni (Hilton [NY]) > Brian Lane (Cardinal Mooney [NY]), DEC 9-5
105 lbs: Jim Lupisella (Brockport [NY]) > Marcus Barnes (Penfield [NY]), MD 10-1
112 lbs: Ron Gross (Wayne [NY]) > Mike O'Shea (Hilton [NY]), MD 14-4
119 lbs: Rick Plant (Penfield [NY]) > Bill Daly (Brockport [NY]), DEC 2-1
126 lbs: Greg Avery (Brockport [NY]) > Todd Tribunella (Fairport [NY]), DEC 6-1
132 lbs: Nathan Van Duzer (Brockport [NY]) > Andy Battoglia (Penfield [NY]), DEC 2-0
138 lbs: Tom Walter (Fairport [NY]) > Rob Lupisella (Brockport [NY]), DEC 10-9
145 lbs: Nick Whitcomb (Fairport [NY]) > Dave Johnson (Brockport [NY]), DEC 9-8
155 lbs: Phil St. George (Brockport [NY]) > Scott DeSimone (Cardinal Mooney [NY]), FALL 3:44
167 lbs: Mark Stuver (Fairport [NY]) > Greg Sadwick (Hilton [NY]), FALL 0:58
177 lbs: Joe Errigo (Cardinal Mooney [NY]) > Jeff Miller (Brockport [NY]), DEC score?
215 lbs: Dave Popen (Fairport [NY]) > Dave Howlett (Brockport [NY]), SD 12-0
Consolation Final (3rd)
98 lbs: Neal Hoffman (Fairport [NY]), NA 

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