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8th Annual Bill Andersen Memorial Wrestling Tournament

Wrestling Tournament
@ North Syracuse High School (North Syracuse, New York)
Wednesday-Thursday, December 22-23, 1976

Upside Down Ranger
Upside Down Ranger
Liverpool High's Pat Miller in on his knees, attempting to put Spencerport's Wayne Johnson in pinning position during their 98-pound championship match at last night's Bill Andersen Memorial Tournament at North Syracuse. Miller was unable to put his foe's shoulders to the canvas, but he fought to a well-earned 10-9 victory over the Spencerport 'Ranger' (as Spencerport is known). SOURCE: Syracuse Post-Standard, December 24, 1976.

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Upside Down Ranger ES-M Wrestlers Capture Crown Bill Andersen Memorial Wrestling Tournament

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Bishop Ludden [NY], Canandaigua [NY], Christian Brothers Academy [NY], Cicero [NY], Cortland [NY], East Syracuse-Minoa [NY], Greene [NY], Henninger [NY], Liverpool [NY], North Syracuse [NY], Rome [NY], Skaneateles [NY], Spencerport [NY], West Genesee [NY], Westhill [NY]
Team Final
1. East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]  156.5 points
2. Spencerport [NY]  151
3. Canandaigua [NY]  146
4. Cortland [NY]  116
5. Rome [NY]  97.5
6. Liverpool [NY]  85
7. Christian Brothers Academy [NY]  80
8. Cicero [NY]  74.5
9. North Syracuse [NY]  64
10. West Genesee [NY]  61.5
11. Westhill [NY]  58.5
12. Greene [NY]  50.5
13. Skaneateles [NY]  33.5
14. Bishop Ludden [NY]  31.5
15. Henninger [NY]  31
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Barry Barone (Westhill [NY], 126 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
91 lbs: Bob Festa (Rome [NY]) > Matt Coolican (Christian Brothers Academy [NY]), DEC 6-3
98 lbs: Pat Miller (Liverpool [NY]) > Wayne Johnson (Spencerport [NY]), DEC 10-9
105 lbs: Jim Roth (Liverpool [NY]) > Jim Schlenker (Cortland [NY]), DEC 10-3
112 lbs: Fred Festa (Rome [NY]) > John Elmer (Bishop Ludden [NY]), DEC 10-9
119 lbs: Milt Torres (Canandaigua [NY]) > John Donahue (Rome [NY]), DEC 4-2
126 lbs: Barry Barone (Westhill [NY]) > Shane Graham (Spencerport [NY]), DEC 9-6
132 lbs: Skip Letcher (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]) > Bill Gallow (Cortland [NY]), DEC 2-1
138 lbs: Andy Breidis (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]) > Tom Burgess (Canandaigua [NY]), FALL 3:02
145 lbs: Dale Oliver (Canandaigua [NY]) > Gil Benedict (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]), DEC 8-4
155 lbs: Paul Galway (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]) > Ugur Ozlu (Rome [NY]), DEC 9-6
167 lbs: Bob Phillis (Cicero [NY]) > Pat Cosmano (Spencerport [NY]), DFLT time?
177 lbs: Darrell Brown (Cortland [NY]) > Steve Dunn (Westhill [NY]), DEC 6-3
215 lbs: Jim Sleeper (West Genesee [NY]) > Dan Nolan (Canandaigua [NY]), DEC 3-0
250 lbs: Joe Mender (Canandaigua [NY]) > Mike Catalano (Cortland [NY]), NA 
Consolation Final (3rd)
91 lbs: Trevor Graham (Spencerport [NY]) > Baker (Henninger [NY]), NA 
98 lbs: Beil (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]) > Ciciarelli (North Syracuse [NY]), NA 
105 lbs: Jacopelle (Christian Brothers Academy [NY]) > Gray (Skaneateles [NY]), NA 
112 lbs: Pecori (Cicero [NY]) > Erminio DeAngelis (Spencerport [NY]), NA 
119 lbs: Cifonelli (Cortland [NY]) > Gary Herrmann (Liverpool [NY]), NA 
126 lbs: Jim Gabriel (Christian Brothers Academy [NY]) > Spring (North Syracuse [NY]), NA 
132 lbs: Marks (Greene [NY]) > Ray Vincelli (Spencerport [NY]), NA 
138 lbs: Fetterolf (West Genesee [NY]) > DeLaney (Greene [NY]), NA 
145 lbs: Joe Coolican (Christian Brothers Academy [NY]) > Garelick (Cicero [NY]), NA 
155 lbs: Rich Benson (Spencerport [NY]) > Corpora (Cortland [NY]), NA 
167 lbs: Honis (North Syracuse [NY]) > Bramann (Greene [NY]), NA 
177 lbs: Rich Plumb (Liverpool [NY]) > Rick Barton (Spencerport [NY]), NA 
215 lbs: Joe Richer (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]) > Austin (Skaneateles [NY]), NA 
250 lbs: Palma (Bishop Ludden [NY]) > Leonik (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]), NA 
Consolation Final (5th)
91 lbs: Williams (Cortland [NY]) > John Hadsell (Canandaigua [NY]), NA 
98 lbs: John Gage (Canandaigua [NY]) > Kendrick (Christian Brothers Academy [NY]), NA 
105 lbs: O'Connor (Greene [NY]) > Joe Labbate (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]), NA 
112 lbs: Greg Wild (Canandaigua [NY]) > Twitchell (East Syracuse-Minoa [NY]), NA 
119 lbs: Ron Winnie (Spencerport [NY]) > Ralph Gabriel (Christian Brothers Academy [NY]), NA 
126 lbs: Coluccio (Rome [NY]) > Dave Lynn (Canandaigua [NY]), NA 
132 lbs: Paul Rossalo (Canandaigua [NY]) > Sheppard (Skaneateles [NY]), NA 
138 lbs: Roch (Cicero [NY]) > Coon (Westhill [NY]), NA 
145 lbs: Giamichael (Cortland [NY]) > Splier (Rome [NY]), NA 
155 lbs: Gunnip (North Syracuse [NY]) > Fisher (Liverpool [NY]), NA 
167 lbs: Griffin (West Genesee [NY]) > Sutphen (Liverpool [NY]), NA 
177 lbs: Shay (North Syracuse [NY]) > Kelehan (West Genesee [NY]), NA 
215 lbs: Ryan (North Syracuse [NY]) > Farrell (Henninger [NY]), NA 
250 lbs: Calarese (Henninger [NY]) > Whiehead (Christian Brothers Academy [NY]), NA 

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