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47th Annual Rochester City-Catholic League Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ East High School (Rochester, New York)
Saturday, February 21, 1976

Hendrix defeats Salamone
Hendrix defeats Salamone
Immediately after East's Mike Hendrix scored a quick takedown in the 101-pound match, Rich Salamone says he had a premonition of what was to come. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Sunday, February 22, 1976. Reproduced by with permission.

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Hendrix defeats Salamone City-Catholic Tournament

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Aquinas [NY], Bishop Kearney [NY], Cardinal Mooney [NY], Charlotte (Rochester) [NY], East High (Rochester) [NY], Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY], Jefferson (Rochester) [NY], Madison (Rochester) [NY], McQuaid Jesuit [NY]
Team Final
1. McQuaid Jesuit [NY]  137 points
2. Madison (Rochester) [NY]  103
3. Bishop Kearney [NY]  101
4. Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]  61
5. East High (Rochester) [NY]  58
6. Cardinal Mooney [NY]  40
7. Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]  32
8. Edison Tech (Rochester) [NY]  13
9. Aquinas [NY]  4
Championship Final (1st)
91 lbs: Steve Nally (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]) > Sam Poletta (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), MD 11-1
98 lbs: Mike Hendrix (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Rich Salamone (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]), DEC 9-4
105 lbs: John Smallridge (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]) > Ray Reboulet (Bishop Kearney [NY]), DEC 11-7
112 lbs: Darrell Leslie (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Joe Alvarez (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 5-0
119 lbs: Tony Germano (Bishop Kearney [NY]) > Chuck Talcatch (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 9-4
126 lbs: Pete Springer (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]) > Pat Holmes (Cardinal Mooney [NY]), DEC 5-3
132 lbs: Mike Harris (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Charles Lawless (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]), DEC 4-2
138 lbs: John Walsh (Bishop Kearney [NY]) > Mike Morone (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]), DEC 8-1
145 lbs: Jeff O'Hara (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]) > Tom Heindl (Cardinal Mooney [NY]), MD 11-3
155 lbs: Al Barber (East High (Rochester) [NY]) > Dave Hanlon (Bishop Kearney [NY]), DEC 12-6
167 lbs: Art Jones (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Pete Evans (East High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 1-0
177 lbs: Lamont Banks (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Richard Grana (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 6-3
215 lbs: Jim Rossi (Jefferson (Rochester) [NY]) > James Kettles (East High (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 5-0
250 lbs: Irving Flint (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Mike Oliveri (Bishop Kearney [NY]), DEC 9-7
Consolation Final (3rd)
138 lbs: Mike Savidis (Madison (Rochester) [NY]) > Tim Bour (Charlotte (Rochester) [NY]), DEC 3-0


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