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3rd Annual Gary Gross Memorial Wrestling Tournament

Wrestling Tournament
@ Medina High School (Medina, New York)
Saturday, January 28, 2017

FRONT ROW: Travis Wiseman (Medina), Colby Petrie (Medina), Reese Ledford (Lyndonville), Jake Bensley (Medina) and Preston Flugel (Albion). MIDDLE ROW: Tim Wells (Albion), Ugene Harrison (Albion), Blake Aina (Albion), Dustin Hinkley (Lyndonville) and Elijah Sones (Medina). BACK ROW: Craig Gross, Mrs. Gary (Barbara) Gross, Ben Restivo (Albion), Donamic Farley (Albion), Matt Lange (Wilson), Laith Alsous (Lew-Port) and Eric Gross. Shared by Orleans Hub Sports.

Album: General


Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Albion [NY], Holley-Kendall [NY], Lewiston-Porter [NY], Lyndonville [NY], Medina [NY], Wilson [NY]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
106 lbs: 1. Travis Wiseman (Medina [NY])
113 lbs: 1. Colby Petrie (Medina [NY])
120 lbs: 1. Reese Ledford (Lyndonville [NY])
126 lbs: 1. Jake Bensley (Medina [NY])
132 lbs: 1. Preston Flugel (Albion [NY])
138 lbs: 1. Tim Wells (Albion [NY])
145 lbs: 1. Ugene Harrison (Albion [NY])
152 lbs: 1. Blake Aina (Albion [NY])
160 lbs: 1. Dustin Hinckley (Lyndonville [NY])
170 lbs: 1. Elijah Sones (Medina [NY])
182 lbs: 1. Ben Restivo (Albion [NY])
195 lbs: 1. Donamic Farley (Albion [NY])
220 lbs: 1. Matthew Lange (Wilson [NY])
285 lbs: 1. Laith Alsous (Lewiston-Porter [NY])

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