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NYSPHSAA Section V Class AA Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Webster Schroeder High School (Webster, New York)
Friday-Saturday, February 18-19, 2005

East's Hayes rises to occasion
East's Hayes rises to occasion
SENIOR 215-POUNDER WINS TITLE; SPENCERPORT TAKES TEAM CROWN. It wasn't easy, but Coty Hayes delivered on a promise. East High's 215-pound wrestler edged Brockport junior Alex Nwaehujor 3-2 during the finals of the Section V Class AA Championships at Webster Schroeder on Saturday. SOURCE: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Sunday, February 20, 2005. Reproduced by with permission.

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East's Hayes rises to occasion 2005 NYSPHSAA Section V Wrestling

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Brockport [NY], Churchville-Chili [NY], East High (Rochester) (+SOTA) [NY], Fairport [NY], Gates Chili [NY], Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY], Hilton [NY], Marshall (Rochester) (+Edison Tech) [NY], McQuaid Jesuit [NY], Penfield [NY], Pittsford [NY], Rush-Henrietta [NY], Spencerport [NY], Webster Schroeder [NY]
Team Final
1. Spencerport [NY]  302 points
2. Brockport [NY]  186.5
3. Hilton [NY]  148
4. Pittsford [NY]  133
5. Rush-Henrietta [NY]  125.5
6. Webster Schroeder [NY]  111.5
7. Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY]  102
8. Penfield [NY]  85.5
9. Fairport [NY]  80
10. Churchville-Chili [NY]  66.5
11. Gates Chili [NY]  47
12. McQuaid Jesuit [NY]  34
13. East High (Rochester) (+SOTA) [NY]  30
14. Marshall (Rochester) (+Edison Tech) [NY]  22
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Lower Weights): Jasen Borshoff (Pittsford [NY], 112 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Upper Weights): Gregor Gillespie (Webster Schroeder [NY], 145 lbs)
Sportsmanship Award: Phil Gordon (Rush-Henrietta [NY], 130 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
96 lbs: Nick Terenzi (Spencerport [NY]) > Corey Borshoff (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 9-6
103 lbs: Dan Morreale (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Devin Kelly (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 6-0
112 lbs: Jasen Borshoff (Pittsford [NY]) > Torsten Gillespie (Webster Schroeder [NY]), OTD score? (1OT)
119 lbs: Kyle Borshoff (Pittsford [NY]) > Anthony Borzilleri (Spencerport [NY]), MD 10-0
125 lbs: Joey Ranzenbach (Hilton [NY]) > Mark Collichio (Brockport [NY]), DEC 6-3
130 lbs: Phil Gordon (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Mike Hicks (Spencerport [NY]), DEC 5-1
135 lbs: Dan Tomasso (Spencerport [NY]) > A.J. Machamer (Hilton [NY]), MD 13-2
140 lbs: Bryan Bourne (Spencerport [NY]) > Erik Schuth (Brockport [NY]), DEC 8-3
145 lbs: Gregor Gillespie (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Justin James (Brockport [NY]), FALL 3:26
152 lbs: Adam Snook (Spencerport [NY]) > Brandon Volpe (Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY]), DEC 6-3
160 lbs: Mike Collura (Spencerport [NY]) > John Schiemann (Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY]), DEC 5-1
171 lbs: Justin Linville (Spencerport [NY]) > Vitaliy Basisty (Brockport [NY]), OTC 5-3 (3OT)
189 lbs: Jared Plucknette (Spencerport [NY]) > Carmen Rondash (McQuaid Jesuit [NY]), DEC 5-2
215 lbs: Coty Hayes (East High (Rochester) (+SOTA) [NY]) > Alex Nwaehujor (Brockport [NY]), DEC 3-2
275 lbs: Matt Federico (Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY]) > Tom Rodak (Spencerport [NY]), OTD score? (1OT)
Consolation Final (3rd)
96 lbs: Trevor Irwin (Brockport [NY]) > Alex Marianetti (Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY]), FALL 4:32
103 lbs: Desi Green (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Cory Maggio (Hilton [NY]), DEC 5-0
112 lbs: Eric Piedimonte (Spencerport [NY]) > Mark Ranzenbach (Hilton [NY]), OTD score? (1OT)
119 lbs: C.J. Fogle (Penfield [NY]) > Chris Vitale (Churchville-Chili [NY]), DEC 3-2
125 lbs: Chris Collura (Spencerport [NY]) > Dan Pagan (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), DEC 1-0
130 lbs: John-Martin Cannon (Brockport [NY]) > Matt McKenna (Penfield [NY]), DEC 8-4
135 lbs: James Brown (Marshall (Rochester) (+Edison Tech) [NY]) > Corey Drew (Gates Chili [NY]), DEC 2-0
140 lbs: Amadu Jalloh (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > John Velieri (Hilton [NY]), DEC 3-0
145 lbs: Chris Vigliotti (Spencerport [NY]) > Eric Rast (Fairport [NY]), FALL 2:43
152 lbs: Brian Allis (Hilton [NY]) > Anthony Sargent (Brockport [NY]), DFLT time?
160 lbs: Chris Henderson (Pittsford [NY]) > Sean Sechrist (Fairport [NY]), OTD score? (1OT)
171 lbs: Matt Hodge (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Paul Salmin (Churchville-Chili [NY]), FALL 2:27
189 lbs: Paul Baker (Brockport [NY]) > Nick Brust (Webster Schroeder [NY]), DFLT time?
215 lbs: Matt Sheffet (Spencerport [NY]) > Andy Demersman (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), OTD 2-1 (1OT)
275 lbs: Brandon Pearce (Penfield [NY]) > Tom Gayvert (Fairport [NY]), FALL 0:34
Consolation Final (5th)
96 lbs: Kyle Walker (Churchville-Chili [NY]), NA 
103 lbs: Frank Martello (Gates Chili [NY]), NA 
112 lbs: Ryan Nicoletta (Penfield [NY]), NA 
119 lbs: Don Peake (Hilton [NY]), NA 
125 lbs: Connery Wheaton (Penfield [NY]), NA 
130 lbs: Luis Cotto (Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY]), NA 
135 lbs: Josh Oyer (Brockport [NY]), NA 
140 lbs: Mike McGinn (Fairport [NY]), NA 
145 lbs: Jason Hightower (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), NA 
152 lbs: Bill Breon (Churchville-Chili [NY]), NA 
160 lbs: Bohdan Basisty (Brockport [NY]), NA 
171 lbs: Greg Standish (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), NA 
189 lbs: Jesse Colf (Greece Athena (+Odyssey) [NY]), NA 
215 lbs: Paul Caloyeras (Pittsford [NY]), NA 
275 lbs: Mike Castro (Churchville-Chili [NY]), NA 

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