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Smethport Invitational Wrestling Tournament

Wrestling Tournament
@ Smethport Area High School (Smethport, Pennsylvania)
Saturday, December 28, 1968

Sally Wrestlers Win
Sally Wrestlers Win
Four Salamanca Central High matmen are shown with Coach George Whitcher after winning championship trophies and runnerup medals in Holiday Tournament at Smethport. From left are Chuck freeman, runnerup; Gary Bradt and John Locicero, who won championships, and Barry Wheeler, other runnerup. SOURCE: Salamanca Press, Monday, December 30, 1968.

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Sally Wrestlers Win Portville, Salamanca Favored In Smethport Event Saturday Two Sallies Cop Title In Wrestling Tournament Portville Misses By 2 Of Smethport Sweep

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Olean [NY], Portville [NY], Salamanca [NY], Smethport [PA]
Team Final
1. Portville [NY]  108 points
2. Salamanca [NY]  64
3. Smethport [PA]  62
4. Olean [NY]  12
Championship Final (1st)
95 lbs: Gary Bradt (Salamanca [NY]) > Bob Reynolds (Portville [NY]), DEC 8-6
103 lbs: Mark Hannon (Portville [NY]) > Ed Faes (Smethport [PA]), DEC 9-6
112 lbs: Larry Reynolds (Portville [NY]) > Larry Haag (Smethport [PA]), FALL 3:03
120 lbs: Steve Handley (Portville [NY]) > Barry Wheeler (Salamanca [NY]), DEC 8-2
127 lbs: John Locicero (Salamanca [NY]) > Bernard Freer (Smethport [PA]), FALL time?
133 lbs: Jim Kniebel (Portville [NY]) > Jarrett (Smethport [PA]), DEC 6-0
138 lbs: Richard Payne (Portville [NY]) > Ed Newbury (Olean [NY]), FALL 3:46
145 lbs: Shayne O'Neill (Portville [NY]) > Pat McKiernan (Smethport [PA]), FALL time?
154 lbs: Russ Phillips (Portville [NY]) > Joe Kinney (Smethport [PA]), FALL 2:50
165 lbs: Dave Nicholas (Portville [NY]) > Chuck Freeman (Salamanca [NY]), DEC 7-0
180 lbs: Alan Dean (Portville [NY]) > Bennie Caldwell (Smethport [PA]), FALL 1:23
215 lbs: Bruce Lafferty (Smethport [PA]) > Jeff Milne (Portville [NY]), FALL 2:23

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