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Black Knight Invite

Wrestling Tournament
@ U.S. Military Academy (West Point, New York)
Sunday, November 17, 2019

Black Knight Invite champs
Black Knight Invite champs
Michigan's Mason Parris and Will Lewan won individual titles. Parris was named OW. Shared by Michigan Wrestling.

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Black Knight Invite champs

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Bloomsburg University [PA], Central Michigan University [MI], Hofstra University [NY], Indiana University, Bloomington [IN], Pennsylvania State University [PA], U.S. Military Academy [NY], University of Maryland, College Park [MD], University of Michigan [MI]
Team Final
1. U.S. Military Academy [NY]  140 points
2. Pennsylvania State University [PA]  127.5
3. Central Michigan University [MI]  107.5
4. University of Michigan [MI]  98.5
5. University of Maryland, College Park [MD]  71
6. Bloomsburg University [PA]  31.5
7. Hofstra University [NY]  29
8. Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]  19.5
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Mason Parris (University of Michigan [MI], 285 lbs)
285 lbs: 4. Bobby Heald (U.S. Military Academy [NY])
  4. Ben Sullivan (U.S. Military Academy [NY])
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Trey Chalifoux (U.S. Military Academy [NY]), DEC 7-5
133 lbs: Roman Bravo-Young (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Austin Assad (University of Michigan [MI]), MD 17-9
141 lbs: Nick Lee (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Dresden Simon (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 11-5
149 lbs: Jarod Verkleeren (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Luke Gardner (Pennsylvania State University [PA]), DEC 3-2
157 lbs: Will Lewan (University of Michigan [MI]) > Luke Weiland (U.S. Military Academy [NY]), DEC 5-2
165 lbs: Cael Mccormick (U.S. Military Academy [NY]) > Richard Stamm (Hofstra University [NY]), DEC 9-7
174 lbs: Mark Hall (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Jacob Covaciu (Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]), MD 14-2
184 lbs: Noah Stewart (U.S. Military Academy [NY]) > Trevor Allard (Bloomsburg University [PA]), DEC 6-2
197 lbs: J.T. Brown (U.S. Military Academy [NY]) > Alexander Hopkins (U.S. Military Academy [NY]), DEC 2-1
285 lbs: Mason Parris (University of Michigan [MI]) > Matt Stencel (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 4-0
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Brody Teske (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Jack Medley (University of Michigan [MI]), DEC 5-4
133 lbs: King Sandoval (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]) > Andrew Wert (U.S. Military Academy [NY]), DEC 8-5
141 lbs: Corey Shie (U.S. Military Academy [NY]) > Drew Marten (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 8-5
149 lbs: P.J. Ogunsanya (U.S. Military Academy [NY]) > Corbyn Munson (Central Michigan University [MI]), FALL 2:44
157 lbs: Jahi Jones (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]) > Logan Parks (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 3-2
165 lbs: Konner Kraeszig (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Layne Van Anrooy (University of Michigan [MI]), DEC 3-1
174 lbs: Pillip Spadafora (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]) > Ben Harvey (U.S. Military Academy [NY]), DEC 9-6
184 lbs: Jelani Embree (University of Michigan [MI]) > Kyle Jasenski (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]), DEC 5-0
197 lbs: Jackson Striggow (University of Michigan [MI]) > Landon Pelham (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 5-2
285 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Brandon Meredith (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Ryan Chauvin (U.S. Military Academy [NY]), TF 22-7/6:23
133 lbs: Brock Bergelin (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Josh Mason (Bloomsburg University [PA]), FALL 1:15
141 lbs: Logan Brown (U.S. Military Academy [NY]) > Hunter Baxter (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]), MD 17-5
149 lbs: Reece Heller (Hofstra University [NY]) > Michael Doetsch (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]), DEC 8-1
157 lbs: Bo Pipher (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Tyler Meisinger (University of Michigan [MI]), TIE 0-0
165 lbs: Tracy Hubbard (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Will Lucie (U.S. Military Academy [NY]), FALL 4:22
174 lbs: Brad Laughlin (U.S. Military Academy [NY]) > Maximillion Maylor (University of Michigan [MI]), DEC 8-2
184 lbs: Creighton Edsell (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Ben Cushman (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 11-4
197 lbs: Aaron Bolo (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Austin Hoopes (Pennsylvania State University [PA]), DEC 3-2
285 lbs: Drake Pauwels (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Zachary Knighton-Ward (Hofstra University [NY]), DEC 3-1

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